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Consciousness and the Emergence of the Bicameral Mind. Throughout my life, I have had plenty of very profound, unitive "mystical" experiences with the Cosmos and even have an atypical "continuous" memory that precedes formation of an organic brain (which, lacking any better scientific understanding at the moment, I presently call "phenotypically expressed genetic memory"). To accept that there are cosmic mysteries yet to be understood and/or discovered doesn't mean that there is or needs to be a god. On the contrary, the experiences of atypical consciousness I've had strengthen my atheism and deepen my respect for the Cosmos and its mysteries. I "remember" my own moment of conception (and before that as well, being stirred to awaken in my father, and before that, to pieces of other lives that my DNA may have come from). In other words, I was AWARE as an individual at the moment I was stirred awake in my father, and my experience informs me that my individual awareness is a TAPESTRY OF INFORMATION. I even remember (and was BORN remembering) shaking my "tail-end" (likely as awareness attached to the sperm that would help inform the making of my physical body), so I am really leaning towards genetic memory coupled with some sort of "information field" as to "naming" my atypical memory of my own nascent self. The idea of there being some sort of "cosmic information pattern" of the bicameral mind is interesting to me as well (as the story of my awareness is more complicated that the parts I am sharing here, other parts such as perceiving the voices of my ancestors (becoming me and more fully aware of my whole self) written in DNA I received from both parents and aspects of my emerging self). It is the reality of this "remembering memory" that has driven my choices my whole life. Are there mysteries of the Cosmos yet to be understood - absolutely. Does there need to be a god to explain them - not at all. The more I came to learn about science, the more my own atypical experiences of consciousness became explainable without god(s). I recently discovered a cool scientific fact that tickled my fancy as it pertains to my experience of my own conception - did you know that sparks of light are emitted in the lab during fertilization of an egg by a sperm, marking a burst of zinc flow in consequence to cellular interactions (zinc is known to promote memory and cognition). Science has my vote! I remember and was BORN REMEMBERING being born. I want to understand this. My life is driven by wanting to understand it. I DON'T WANT any "god of the gaps" in my understanding. I want to fill up those gaps with knowledge and understanding.