© Lori Lappin, the Witch of WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY®


Death does not destroy self-identity nor self-consciousness, though consciousness (core self awareness) 'perceives' differently than it does when attached to the physical body (inhabited during carnal life), and may for a time, before being reawakened toward a new incarnation or way of being, rest with the Ancestors/Family (rest for consciousness is as rejuvenating as is sleep for the body). Death may also be a beautiful experience for those who don't fear and fight death (in contrast to those who die violently* and 'psychologically' unprepared to meet death, thus fearful) - not only is this my experience but I've witnessed this many many times as an ICU nurse as well. Death is a tool for the evolution of consciousness, and not to be feared, especially if one has lived life with integrity and is at peace with his/herself.

*True Warriors (with an immutable core of courage), though they may die violently, are 'psychologically' prepared to meet death, thus they are not fearful.