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I've shared before that my Old European ancestors are those people who painted the cave art like that in the famous Chauvet Cave in France. Now I have even more scientific proof (beyond what I've shared before). New "Ancient Origins" analyses at Family Tree DNA have provided specific results regarding my European Ancestry. First, I am 100% ethnic European and 0% non-European. My total European heritage is comprised of 3 major populations - 45% Paleolithic Hunter Gatherers, 44% Neolithic Farmers and 11% Bronze Age Invaders (genetically European but once inhabiting the Russian steppes). Both my genetic motherline and fatherline are of the Paleolithic Old European Hunter Gatherer population. Equally importantly as it relates to Old European cave art, the general migratory line (red line) of my Old European Hunter Gatherer ancestors follows exactly along the location lines where the caves with old world cave art have been found (blue lines). Indeed,the famous Chauvet Cave (green circle) in France is spot-on the migration path of my Old European Hunter Gatherer ancestors. Another famous cave in Northern Spain (Altamira Cave) is located in the general area of the ancient Basques. According to Family Tree DNA (my ancestors who found refuge in Northern Spain when glacial ice covered much of Europe) are more genetically related to modern Northern Europeans than to modern Southern Europeans. To sum it up, my Old European Paleolithic Hunter-Gatherer Ice Age ancestors painted the famed caves of Old Europe and my claim is further supported by my ancestral genetic evidence.


My ancestors have lived all over Europe during different periods of prehistory and history. Although not all are shown here (see My Genetic Ancestry page for more details), also according to new Family Tree DNA results, these are the major cultures (brown arrows) my ancestors are associated with (through both genetic and archeological evidence) as they existed in Europe during the period 8,000 to 4,000 years ago:

Motala Motala, Sweden Northern Europe (~8,000 years ago)
Loschbour Luxemburg Western Europe (~8,000 years ago)
Linear Pottery Cultures Central Europe (~8,000 years ago)
La Brana 1 Northern Spain (~7,000 years ago) r/t Northern Europeans
Yamnaya Eurasian (Russian) Steppe (~5,800 years ago)
Ötzi (Iceman's Culture) Swiss / Italian Alps (~5,300 years ago)
Stuttgart Germany ( ~5,000 years ago) Linearbandkeramik (LBK) culture
Corded Ware Central Europe (~4,000 years ago)

Europe's paleolithic Aurignacian culture linked with old world European cave art:

"Radiocarbon dating shows the Aurignacian culture from Europe and southwest Asia dominated from 47,000 to 41,000 years ago, although emerged in smaller groups earlier than this.

The people of this culture are also linked with early cave art, including animal engravings and imagery in the Chauvet cave in southern France."

Linking both my genetic maternal (U5) and paternal (I2) lineages directly to the Aurignacian culture of paleolithic Europe, thereby directly linking both my maternal and paternal lineages to old world European cave art.

Anatolia/Balkans/Danube [Aurignacian] IJ-M429, U5
Europe [Aurignacian-Gravettian] I-M170 (I-P38 which is ancestral I2), U5->U5b