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As many of my regular customers know and as I have shared on the "About Me" and "Meet the Witch" pages on my Etsy and website shops, I was born with magical awareness and remembering the journey of my preincarnate continuous consciousness into physical existence. I've known a very few other individuals like me who share a similar remembrance of their own preincarnate existence.

Throughout most of my adult life, especially as a trained and university-educated scientist, I've often wondered how and by what biological mechanism this is so for the few of us who carry these memories with us as incarnate beings (a phenomenon I call "continuous consciousness"). Scientific research has in the past decade begun to shed some light on the biological anomalies which may account for continuous consciousness in people like me.

As I've shared before on my blog, it is relevant to the phenomenon of continuous consciousness that pre-modern humans (Neanderthals and Denisovans, for example) experienced consciousness differently than do modern humans (see "Dream Culture of the Neanderthals" by Stan Gooch, for a layman's discussion of this), and that the modern human brain functions in some areas to screen out perceptual data that may have been perceptible to pre-modern humans. The fact is that scientists tell us that the reason for a long childhood in modern humans (in contrast to Neanderthals and other primates, for example) is to enable our large brains to continue to grow outside the womb for a significant period of time (a large brained modern human baby could not pass through it's mother's birth canal, so it has to finish growing its brain outside the womb). Consequently, this means that the brains of human children are not fully developed at birth and continue to grow throughout childhood. This biological fact supports the possibility that the modern human brain's "perceptual screening capacity" has not yet developed in babies at birth and only develops as modern humans grow through childhood into adulthood. This may be why children can still easily relate to the subtle worlds that most adults cannot perceive (as the adult brain has developed its capacity to screen out perceptual data as a function of modern human biological processes).

If all of the above is true (and science tells us that it is), then it stands to reason that genes at some level influence the development of the modern human adult brain's screening capacity. In modern human adults (like me) with unusual experiences and remembrances of other kinds of consciousness then, it may be that genes that control development of this biological screening function in the modern human brain are atypical in outliers like me. My brain never fully "turned off" my ability to relate to and remember other kinds of experiential consciousness (as children as they grow up typically "turn off" and don't remember most of the experiences of childhood). Unlike most people, I also can remember events I lived through as a baby (as well as experiential consciousness prior to physical incarnation). So, in this area of brain function, I am actually more like my Neanderthal and pre-modern human ancestors (which includes Denisovans), than I am to most other modern humans.

My own genome has been analyzed by 5 independent research labs on 2 separate continents, and the fact is that I am at least 4.2% an archaic human species (this percentage includes only my Neanderthal and Denisovan genetic contribution). This percentage may not sound like much, but according to genetic paleoanthropologists (referencing genetic paleoanthropologist John Hawkes), 1-4% archaic human genomic DNA is "the equivalent of one great-great-great grandparent's DNA contribution."

So, the reality is that I particularly am a hybrid species of human - a hybrid of, at the very least, 3 species of human: Cro-Magnon Homo sapien, Neanderthal and Denisovan.

Taking all of this together, the anomaly of memory that I have whereby I experience uninterrupted consciousness (which includes memory of preincarnate consciousness) even while incarnate may well be related to and is supported by the facts of my proven archaic human genetic ancestry and by the current scientific knowledge in the field of human evolutionary genetics of the way things work.