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2019 New Year Ogham Divination: New Discoveries

2019 New Year Ogham Divination: New Discoveries

For the 2019 New Year, today I randomly drew an ogham fid from my crane bag. The fid I drew was Ailm, the same fid I drew on the Yule Solstice Full Moon. Ogham divinations of the secular New Year, the old world Yule New Year, and the Winter Solstice Full Moon reinforce one another.

Ailm is also associated with tshamanic visioning, Gwynfyd (the realm of the Gods in Welsh Celtic lore), clear headedness, regeneration, ancestral bloodlines, the weaver's beam (thus, wyrd weaving), destiny, vitality and blessing.

Ailm is also associated with:

Calling. Summoning. Mission.

Safe Passage. World Walking.

Origins. Ancestors.

Past Life Knowledge.

Otherworldly Wisdom.

Mastery. Clarity. Authority.

Objectivity. Skill. Success.

New opportunities.

Initiation. Discovery. Creation.


Serenity. Honor.