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Children Of Giants

Children Of Giants

In earlier posts I have noted that both my maternal U5b and paternal I2 ancestral genetic bloodlines are both old world paleolithic European Cro-Magnon early modern human lineages. Cro-Magnon humans, not only had a larger brain volume as measured by cranial capacity (average 1650cc) than do modern Homo sapiens (average 1450cc), but they were much taller (some over 7 feet tall) as well. Cro-Magnon is the name given only to early modern humans in Europe due to the atypical nature of their physical qualities which is distinct from other types of early modern humans found elsewhere in the world. Cro-Magnons lived in Europe from around 45,000 years ago until (putatively) about 15,000 years ago. Most ethnic Europeans have European Cro-Magnon ancestors.

In an earlier post, I also noted that Stonehenge (ca 3100 BCE), Newgrange (ca 3200 BCE) and the Tarxien Temples of Malta (ca 3150 BCE) all connect to Old European lineages derived from Cro-Magnon human stock.  These structures are the megaliths of giants.

Interestingly, in the Golan Heights, a Bronze Age megalithic structure reminiscent of Stonehenge exists called Gilgal Rephaim (Circles of the Giants, ca 3000-2700 BCE). According to Jewish Tradition, the Rephaim were a "breed of men of great stature found among various (non-Israelite) peoples." Rephaim is also used as an appellation for the pre-Canaanite population of the Middle East. 

We also know via the folk record known as the Torah (Old Testament of the Christian Bible) that the Israelites were commanded by the Israelite god to exterminate the native populations when the Israelites invaded the "promised land." Consequently, this genocide of Cro-Magnon humans may be why there is little evidence today of Cro-Magnons in the Middle East (except for Gilgal Rephaim), while in Europe Cro-Magnons flourished. Cro-Magnons were exterminated by genocide in the Middle East.

We also know through Judaic folk record that the Rephaim (the Cro-Magnon giants) were not children of Noah. The giant humans were children of the old world, of the prehistoric world as it existed before the Phaeton cataclysm (resulting from the Vela Supernova) which occurred around 12,000 years ago. Nevertheless, the children of the giants live on in modern Europeans. Ethnic Europeans are descendants of Cro-Magnon humans.

Today, in modern times, with the rise of anti-European hate propaganda permeating the world (especially in the Western World), we see again the rise of an ancient genocidal egregore which seeks the extermination of Cro-Magnon lineages. The non-Cro-Magnon human world seems to still want our Cro-Magnon human lineages wiped out; this genocidal desire has its roots in the remote past of humanity when multiple species of humans shared the earth.

I, for one, am proud to be the daughter of European Cro-Magnon humans. I am proud to be the daughter of giants. 

Blessed be my ancestors! Blessed be my descendants! We survive!

I recently saw a funny meme on the internet - Satan is coming out with a new book entitled, The Bible II, My Side of the Story. I think it's a witchy story well worth writing.