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Connections To Reality: Avalon

Connections To Reality: Avalon

Connections to reality, in honor of my Old European Atlantic North Sea ancestral maternal lineage … the life and the legend lives on in me. I am a daughter of Avalon.

I do not know who wrote this poem, but it is breathtakingly lovely to me … as is the music by BrunuhVille. Oh, how my heart sings!

Cold, fog-misted land,
Far from eyes of mortal man,
The morning sun,
Gloriously shining,
The misted isle of Avalon.

The fresh, salt-scented wind,
Bearing music from the Glen,
Mystical sounds, heart enthralling,
Coming unseen, joy entwining,
The enchanted isle of Avalon.

The music flows, creating
Swirl of emotions entangling,
Fast heart throbbing,
Magic worketh wondrously,
The beautiful isle of Avalon.

The breeze blows refreshing,
The misty fog, blinding,
Is thrown far away.
Music sweetly doth say,
"Blessed be the isle of Avalon."

The morning sun casting
Golden rays across the land;
Haunting music fills the senses.
What bliss lies here? What wonders?
Oh, magic isle of Avalon!

More music to set your spirit free … with winged feet run through the forest, howl with the wolves, dance with the serpents, laugh with the bears, dream with the ravens, race with the horses, sing with the animals, soar with the wind ... fly with the spirit of the wild.