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Crazymaking Curse Makers

Crazymaking Curse Makers

What is the psychology behind someone always trying to stimulate envy or jealousy in you? In witchcraft, we could call such behavior curse-making. Specifically, it is the kind of curse an energy vampire would make. Feeding on the constant attention and energy of others, energy vampires also always need more … and more and more and more.

These kinds of vamps try to stimulate in you anger, fear, self-loathing, envy, jealousy and also try to provoke their victims into acting crazy or unbalanced (trying to "crazymake" you). They may demean you or say cutting things. They may flaunt their own good fortune in the face of your not-so-good fortune. They may make a never-ending 'look at me' 'envy me' show of themselves all the time if they are good looking. Energy vampires feed on the energy of your adoring attention, and all the more of your energy if your adoring attention is accompanied by negative feelings about yourself or your own situation. They 'need' to seem better than you. Their motto - up with me, down with you! It takes a strong mind to resist the curse-making manipulative antics of the energy vampire.

In the science of psychology, there are personality disorder diagnoses for people who constantly try to provoke others toward negative feelings or actions. In the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), an energy vampire as I've described may be diagnosed (by a medical professional) with sociopathy (with a long-term pattern of exploiting others), borderline and/or narcissistic personality disorder.

As experienced witches, most of us understand the dynamics of cursing and energy vampirism. The best way to deal with a malicious energy-sucker is to just avoid that person or at least, minimize the time you spend with her and your exposure to her pathology. If that's impossible, as it is for many, keep your interactions with her logical. Heart-centered communication only works with reasonable people who will not try to drain your life-force. 

Be safe, healthy, happy and life-forced filled witches!