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Cro-Magnon European Early Modern Humans

Cro-Magnon European Early Modern Humans

Both my ancestral genetic U5 motherline and I2 fatherline are known Cro-Magnon lineages indigenous to Old Europe. The earliest known Cro-Magnon remains are dated to around 45,000 years before present. The oldest of these types of remains have been found in Britain and Italy. Traveling west to east, in European Russia, Cro-Magnon remains dating to around 40,000 years before present have been found.

The specific origin of Cro-Magnon humans is a mystery to science even today. Cro-Magnon humans seem to arrive out of nowhere on the human scene. I suspect that Cro-Magnon humans seemingly came out of nowhere because Cro-Magnon humans (also known as European Early Modern Humans) may actually be a hybrid subspecies of human, particularly, a hybridization of early anatomically modern European Homo sapiens and classic European Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis). For the record, as noted on My Genetic Ancestry page, by DNA analysis, I personally do have confirmed Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestry.

Consequently, I am not at all perplexed by the recent scientific evidence that the Old European Paleolithic cave symbols may have been an art of consciousness shared by both Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal humans in Europe.

In the following video, scientist Dr. Justin Marley (Chair Men­tal Health Infor­mat­ics Group, UK Roy­al Col­lege of Psy­chi­a­trists) compares skulls of European modern humans, European Cro-Magnon humans and European Neanderthals. From the skull comparisons, this scientist also suggests that European Cro-Magnons may represent a hybridization of Homo sapien and Neanderthal humans proximal to the time of genetic admixture. Absent recent genetic admixtures of the modern interconnected world, modern European Homo sapien skulls are generally different from modern Asian and modern African Homo sapien skulls, also supporting the idea that modern humans retain evidence of genetic admixtures with archaic and early forms of humanity.