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Dancing With The Dark

Dancing With The Dark

Today's January 31, 2018 rare super blue blood moon total lunar eclipse is an excellent opportunity to write about dark matter and dark energy. Traditional witches, like myself, are as comfortable with the dark as we are with the light.

According to current scientific theories, only about 5% of our Cosmos is made of visible matter/energy, while the other 95% is made of dark matter and dark energy. Dark energy alone is thought to make up three-fourths of the Cosmos.

Despite the enormous prevalence of dark matter and dark energy (all around and within us), humankind nevertheless overwhelmingly depends on light energy to reveal the great mysteries, deeper nature and primal consciousness of the Cosmos. For thousands of years, light has been equated with aware knowledge and goodness, while darkness has been equated with unaware ignorance and evil. We can more easily know and understand phenomena we see and can measure. Even so, many humans and other creatures of the Earth embrace the dark, finding it protective, soothing and beautiful beyond measure. 

The human imagination guided by the mind can plunge beyond the limitations of sight and measurement. As humans, we can dare to imagine. Most essentially neither light nor dark, we are greater than either. Equally importantly, dark matter and dark energy are not alien to us. Both are part of us as creatures of the Cosmos.

Written decades ago, here is my ode to dark matter and dark energy, entitled 'Passion Dancing, Dancing With The Dark Arts' ...

through it all
the essence of shadowed motions only good
gently runs with wings through my mind
passion dancing with the wind
without question one black black night
sprinkling shell lights unchained across the skies
like virtual diamonds of delight
playing among softly trembling flames
dusting the imagination with radical brilliance
casting into this utter blindness
true vision