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Denisovans, Druids & Valkyries

Denisovans, Druids & Valkyries

As I've shared before, I have significant genetic ancestry from an archaic branch of humankind known as the Denisovans (tentatively named by scientists as Homo sapien altaiensis). The Denisovans are thought to have inhabited southern Siberia from around 300,000 years ago until about 40,000 years ago. Densiovan DNA lives in me. 

By the size of the fossilized teeth and finger bone found in Denisova Cave, along with associated artifacts found with these fossils, scientists tell us that the Denisovans, like the Cro-Magnons of Old Europe, were of giant stature. Not only were the Denisovans physical giants but they were intellectual giants of the time as well. They had advanced technology (precision high speed drilling techniques, pressure flaking and microblade technology, for example). They used bone needles, made flutes and whistles from (swan) bird bones, and finely worked jewelry. Evidence also exists that they understood sound enhancement. DNA found at a Denisovan site also suggests that these enigmatic giants had domesticated, were herding and riding a species of Pleistocene horse known as the ovodov as early as 70,000 years ago. Jewelry at the site suggests that the Denisovan female may have been a shamaness. Indeed, with advanced technology, music, artistry, animal husbandry, religion … civilization may have its earliest root planted in the culture of the Denisovans.

Connect the dots. Both Old European Cro-Magnons and the Denisovans of the Altai Mountains were physical, artistic and intellectual giants of their times. Both are my ancestors. Both honored the swan. 

Some of the oldest flutes in both Siberia and Europe are made of swan bone. The Druidic Bards of Europe often wore cloaks made of swan feathers. The Valkyries of Old European Celto-Germanic folklore are also associated with the swan. The swan connection for both Old European Cro-Magnons and Altai Denisovans links to the constellation of Cygnus (the swan). Old European modern humans originated in the regions of the Altai Mountains (where Denisova Cave is located), the Yenesei River Basin and Lake Baikal. Here, in these regions, early Homo sapiens, Denisovans and Neanderthals shared territory.

As there exists controversy between Cygnus and Orion as to which holds the greater importance to Giza in Egypt, so too there exists controversy as to which of these two constellations, the swan constellation or the deer star of Orion, held the greater importance to the ancient humans of Old Europe and Siberia. 

Both Old Europeans and the Denisovans were peoples of the Boreal Forest Biome. I suggest that Cygnus and Orion were both important to the peoples of my ancestry. Cro-Magnons are a hybrid of Homo sapien, Neanderthal and Denisovan humankinds. Each tribe of humans brought with them knowledge and shamanic practices, knowledge and practices they passed on down the bloodline through time to their descendants, to us. Among the sacred totems, the horned deer goddess (of both the Milky Way and Aldebaran of Orion) and the swan (of Cygnus) are carried by my people even today. The bloodline mysteries of our ancestors are in our blood. Awaken in us all!

This is just the beginning.

On this Friday the 13th, blessings to you from the People and Tribes of the Swan!

Valkyrie of the Old European Celtic-Germanic Peoples.