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Ethnic European Renewal

Ethnic European Renewal

Interesting information is shared by Hugh Newman in the video below, Lovelock Cave: Red-Haired Giants of Ancient Nevada. This researcher links together the ancient North American red-haired giants (the legendary Si-Te-Cah) with the Cro-Magnons of Europe and the Denisovans of Eurasia, both groups my own genetic ancestors. 

Newman also disputes the translation of the name 'Si-Te-Cah' which many modern people prefer to translate (likely for political reasons) as cannibal (to justify genocidal war, no doubt). Called the 'Si-Te-Cah' by the Paiute tribe, this word's literal translation is "tule-eater." 

Tule is a fibrous water plant which grew around the lake that existed around the area of Lovelock Cave in ancient times. Caves in the local area inhabited by the Si-Te-Cah have been dated as early as 7400 BCE (around 9500 years ago).

Both Cro-Magnons and Denisovans were larger brained than are modern humans, technologically and artistically advanced for their times, and created abstract graphical symbols of communication on rocks. As giants were exterminated by racial ethnic genocide in the Middle East, so too were they in North America. At Lovelock Cave, they were murdered en masse using fire.

Memorial Candle for my slain ancestors. Your descendants survive despite all attempts throughout history and prehistory to destroy us! Like the phoenix, we rise again.