Ferja of Avalon

Ferja of Avalon

The original title of the Oera Linda Book was The Book of Adela's Followers. In this book, the title-name of the Clan Mother is identified as Frya. Yet, the book specifically identifes with 'Adela's Followers'. Indeed, the 'Adela's Followers' portion of the Oera Linda is the main text around which the rest of the book grew. Consequently, it is likely then that Adela's Followers are a sub-clan of Clan Mother Frya's people.

Old Norse 'ferja' means 'ferry boat'. Old English 'faru' means 'traveling, expedition or journey'. When used in the sense of the noun (namely, ferry boat), the meaning carries the connotations of 'a journey for which a price is paid', often with reference to providing 'a quantity or quality of food' within the context of faring well or badly. In this context, 'ferja' (closely linked with Frya, in modern times spelled Freyja) also closely links with the journey to the underworld, ruled by the goddess of the underworld, namely Hel, as I posited in an earlier post (My Birth Rune). So, we can understand now that the goddess name Freyja is 1) a combination of the words 'ferja' and 'frya', and 2) meaningfully connected with the goddess of the underworld Hel.

My father's genetic ancestral I2b fatherline clan originated in Doggerland (known in the Oera Linda as Atland, the Old Land). With the sinking of Doggerland, his clan migrated to the North Sea shores of the Jutland peninsula and Southern Sweden, north of areas where Frisialand was once located.

My maternal genetic ancestral U5b motherline originated also in Doggerland. With the sinking of Doggerland, her clan migrated into the misty lands of the greater British Isles. This tribe became the native Britons.

It may be then that 'Adela's Followers' (of Clan Mother Frya) were a tribe that went toward Frisialand, while another tribe (of Clan Mother Frya) went toward the British Isles when Doggerland sank. This tribe would not be called 'Adela's Followers'.

According to the Oera Linda, outcasts and misfits from Frisialand were sent away to the British Isles. Some researchers postulate that the Brigantes (who collaborated with Rome in the Romanization and Christianization of the British Isles) were of Frisian origin.

The Oera Linda has a monotheist flavor as does Christianity, unlike the Druidic and nature-based cultures of the British Isles. Yet, the Oera Linda accuses the Druids of being non-native priests of Sidon (Phoenicia) who turned native Britons away from the truth. This accusation I find to be ancient prehistorical religious propaganda, as the native Britons (among them, the Picts) retained a true matrilineal culture of Old Europe, while the Frisians of the Oera Linda increasingly became focused on perpetuating a patrilineal culture headed by the creator god Wr-alda (who became Woden, Odin) while giving lip service to folk mothers. In the Oera Linda, the Clan Mother Frya is the daughter of the god Wr-alda and Jrtha, the earth mother. 

The followers of my tribe's subclan mother (oppositely to Adela's Followers) who settled in the British Isles understood our connection of the Old Land (Atland, Doggerland) through the word ferja (ferryboat). We parted the mists of time, shamanically journeying upon ferja to magically mystical Avalon (our Old Land) in our religious rites. Ferja is our spirit, our vehicle to other worlds.