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My father's autosomal genetic ancestry is 1/16th Potawatomi (with some Cherokee admixture). When I was a child, we lived as a Clan of related families in the Midwest (where many of us still live today, along the Potawatomi Trail of Death). When I was a child, my paternal grandfather's Native American sister came to live among us in "the Clan". The Clan built a small house for her, a quiet woman (like myself with a penchant for solitude, a shamanic trait I share with my father and great aunt). My father and I share the same facial structure, biological constitution and a love for both art and science. We both are mesmerized by the beauty and workings of the cosmos. For the longest time, my great aunt wouldn't wear shoes or sleep in a bed.

My own Native American (Amerindian) shows up on chromosome 2 (1.4%), chromosome 4 (2.0%), chromosome 8 (6.4%), chromosome 17 (2.7%) and chromosome 18 (2.4%). The average of my Amerindian percentages is 3% of my DNA, which is consistent with myself being 1/32 Amerindian (where my father is 1/16th Amerindian, which is primarily Potawatomi with some Cherokee admixture).

Chromosome 8 is where I have the greatest amount of Amerindian genes. Chromosome 8 is involved in brain development and function. While I don't know my actual IQ, I do know that it is over 1 standard deviation (SD) above the mean (+1SD of the mean is 115). As a child, my parents were advised to place me in a higher grade level (which they did not do, wanting me to remain among my age peers). My parents did allow placing me in available accelerated classes. Chromosome 8 is also involved in cancer (which I do not have).

Other regional percentages on my 8th chromosome are : North Atlantic (37.4%), West Mediterranean (27.1%), Baltic (23.4%), East Mediterranean (7.3%), East Asian (0.9%) and South Asian (0.2%). 

The Native American man in the music video below could be my biological father's doppleganger, they look so similar and have that mystical 'shamanic' persona. My father is today in his 80's but his straight hair is still jet black. My father's beard however gives witness to his European fatherline.

The man in this video and his song are like my father ...