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Folksoul Ingathering & Binding Together

Folksoul Ingathering & Binding Together

I'm so excited! I picked up my newest Ogham staves today, a complete set of 25! Handcrafted in the United Kingdom (a sacred land of my Old European Atlantic Megalithic Culture ancestors), each stave is made from its corresponding tree, shrub or plant. For my initiating divination using my new set, from my crane bag, I randomly drew an Ogham stave - Uillean.

Uillean has a phonetic value Ui/Ph and corresponds to both Honeysuckle and Woodbine. Some associations of Uillean include:

Crane Skin Bag (used by Celtic shamans to hold treasures, magical items and Ogham staves).

Crane Dance.

Sheltered Protection.


Ancient Wisdom.



Drawing Together (ingathering members of folksoul, for example).

Binding Together (members of the Folksoul, for example).


Sweetness and Blessing.

Manifesting Will.

Finding True Self.

Now is the time for all of these! As I will it, so mote it be!