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Gerda And The Sword of Destiny

Gerda And The Sword of Destiny

We have all heard the love story of Frey (the Golden One of the Vanir gods of Asgard) and Gerda (the Jotun giantess-goddess of Jotunheim and Asgard). So in love with Gerda, Frey gave her his magical sword, the sword of Asgard. Frey's sword, named Laevateinn (meaning the Sword of Destiny), fights on its own "if wise be he who wields it." A gifted loving sacrifice to Gerda from Frey, Gerda now wields it. She is the Queen of Swords.

The anglicized name Gerda means "Protector, Guardian" and comes from Old Icelandic. A quiet, introverted giantess-goddess known for protecting gardens, beautiful Gerda is a nightwalker, the light in darkness. She is the giantess who became a goddess in Asgard, a light in Asgard, a light from darkness. The Valkyrie. The Yew. The Germanic Rune Algiz (as well as Eihwaz). The Soul Star. The Hebrew letter Tav (as well as Tzadi).

The anglicized name Frey comes from Yngvi-Freyr (Ingvi-Freyr) and is especially associated with ancient Sweden and the North Germanic Ingvaeones (Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians). My ancestral I2 genetic fathers have ancient roots in these sacred lands. An Old European Cro-Magnon lineage, my ancestral genetic fathers (and U5 ancestral genetic mothers) are literally (as well as folklorically) 'children of giants' (see my post, Children of Giants). My ancestral fathers are Righteous Wizards (Tzaddikim) of Asgard. 

From my ancestral paternal (Yngvi-Freyr) and maternal (Old World European Cro-Magnon Gerda) genetic lineages, I inherited the Divine Archetypal tribal power (Major Arcana Star) of Laevateinn (the Sword of Destiny) and my (Minor Arcana Court) Queen of Swords INTJ personality. Blessed be the Ancestors.

Jotunheim is associated with the forces of Chaos, of Da'at (Knowledge on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life). Gerda's garden is associated with the powerful forces of Rectified Chaos, with Da'at associated with wholly unified (yichud) Powers of the Soul (Kochot HaNefesh). Thus Gerda is the giantess-goddess of perfect unity of soul powers extending throughout the worlds of the cosmos. Gerda is the witch with wholeness and unity within herself.