Innate Mathematics of Consciousness

Innate Mathematics of Consciousness

"Those that profess that they don't have a mind for math are sadly mistaken because just as we all have a mind for breathing, or blinking, we all have this innate ability to understand arithmetic. Mathematics is more than just a set of vague equations and complex rules that you are required to memorize. Mathematics is the language of the universe, and in learning this language, you are opening yourself up to the core mechanisms by which the cosmos operates. It is the same as traveling to a new land, and slowly picking up on the native language so that you may begin to learn from them. This mathematical endeavor is what allows us, a species bound to our solar system, to explore the depths of the universe." [Joshua Carroll, How Mathematics Reveals the Nature of the Cosmos, Universe Today, PhysOrg June 18, 2015]

In follow-up to my earlier posts (Sacred Secular and Sacred Circles of Reflection Symmetry), I reiterate the connection of the two-fold Dual Goddess mirror-image reflection symmetrical nature of my ancient (Paleolithic and Neolithic) ancestral genetic maternal bloodline to geometric circle inversion to higher dimensions of whole consciousness. The Goddess of my ancestors is known as the Two-Horned Star Goddess.

Circle inversion is geometrically generalized to higher dimensions by bringing the non-origin point within the sacred  circle of the self closer and closer to the origin point (in the core belly/gut). As the non-origin point comes closer and closer to the core origin point, the point outside the circle moves closer and closer to infinity. It is through the origin point that the non-origin point inverts to the becoming-infinite-point outside the original circle of awareness which transforms to a boundless infinity of awareness as the inversion actualizes.

This video demonstrates the geometric inversion of a point within a circle to infinity:

We all are innately wired for mathematics, made manifest as creatures of the cosmos with mathematics. This is so very true in my own experience of circle inversion of my own awake aware consciousness (which I denote as the non-origin focus point within a sacred circle of being). The origin point as it pertains to circle inversion abides within my autonomic (non-thinking) physical body, a point I now identify with the lower tan tien, also called the dan tien, dantian and hara (in the belly, gut) according to the martial arts. 

It is through this origin point that my aware awake consciousness (the non-origin point of my being) was transformed and inverted into a boundless infinite (awake, non-dreaming) awareness of the Cosmos in its wholeness when I was five or six years old. 

Over two decades ago, I wrote a poem describing this childhood experience of circle inversion - where two points of myself apprehended an aligned third point of myself beyond my circle of normative mindful awareness; this apprehension catalyzed a collapse into my belly (the origin point of manifest being) followed by inversion of my awake aware consciousness to the higher dimension of Divinely Whole Cosmic Consciousness (yes, Virginia, there is life on other planets). 

I posit that my awake awareness apprehended the third point of Higher self outside my circle of self-awareness because my conscious awareness (likened to the non-origin point within the circle of self) was approaching and may have indeed touched the outer limit of incarnate self-awareness (represented by the border of the circle itself). 

Before I share my poem describing my experience of circle inversion of consciousness to cosmic consciousness, I would also like to add another caveat - not only is my circle inversion of consciousness to higher dimensions tied to the Dual Horned Star Goddess of my maternal genetic bloodline ancestors, but I would also like to add that my ancestral genetic paternal bloodline shares the same general Y-DNA bloodline haplogroup with Nikola Tesla, whom I consider to be the most brilliant genius of modern times. Many people consider Tesla to be an Avatar of the Age (especially for the Western sciences) much like many people consider the Buddha to be an Avatar of the Age (especially for Eastern religion and spirituality). Tesla did claim he was in contact with higher dimensional reality and that through this contact brilliant ideas lit up his mind. Indeed, both my ancestral genetic maternal and paternal (which includes Tesla) bloodlines, both originating from Old Europe and the Old World Boreal Forest Biome which stretched through both Europe and Asia, honored the Dual Horned Star Goddess.

My poem describing circle inversion of consciousness to cosmic consciousness - I have variously tweaked and twice titled this poem over the years, two point titles which are "In The Closet in 1967" and "Epiphany":

when I was five or six
something happened, in my closet
finding a mouse, dead
in the closet
not afraid of mice, beginning to pick it up, stopped by
its eyes, open
I could not stop looking
I could not stop wondering
at it
it meant something more
beyond what I was seeing
this mouse

looking at me

what what what what
listening I
could not move
I could not move
becoming being
mashing together, collapsing into my gut
a silence
cutting the bursting emptiness, when
eternity into a split mo-ment
a rush of
a whirlwind
bursting full
more than I could
ever understanding at once
coming out through my insides
surrounding filling
in the closet
to hold this treasured possession
in my mind of edges
yet then
trusting and letting go
these going out
such a strange thing was this doing
I was doing
turning inside out
becoming being within
one of infinite place
above without end and below without bound