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We are no longer naive. While it may be that some wars are waged necessarily - to protect the homeland, to secure resources for the People or to maintain a position of strategic power for the purpose of securing survival of the People as an independent Sovereign Nation - we know that many wars are waged to secure resources for politicians, bankers and other elite rich. The People pay. The People suffer. And the People slip further and further into poverty with every war.

The American Middle Class is gutted. Americans are tax slaves to a government itself enslaved to world banks. One cannot drive a car or practice a profession without a license. In some places in America one cannot even collect rainwater on one's own property (which he or she never really owns due to tax laws) without incurring jail time or a fine. Want to fish in the local river - you can't without a fishing license. Want to hunt - you can't without a hunting license. Want to live off grid - in many places this too is illegal. You must be plugged into the matrix by law. Want to carry a gun for self-protection in this increasingly violent and hostile world - though the Constitution guarantees you the freedom to do so, many elements in our country want to take this freedom to protect oneself and one's family away from the People as well. Only the rich and powerful should be privileged to protect themselves and their families. The Law overwhelmingly serves the interests of the rich at the ever-increasing expense of everyone else. Want to speak your truth - be careful, you may lose more than your job. We the People are polarized against one another for the deliberate purpose of protecting the rich against a class war. Information is weaponized against us.

On this Memorial Day Weekend, we remember. We remember those whose lives were sacrificed by our leaders in both wars of honor and in bankers' wars for power and control aiming to further enslave the People. We the People remember our fallen. We the People call to the Cosmos to remember us, especially those of us who have been sacrificed, both justly and unjustly. 

We are no longer naive. I wrote this poem when I was in grade school - many, many decades past.

masters of war, of war do plan
listen well to my rhyme
and know within your breast
the sorrows you bring into time

masters of war, of war endorse
see your tales take life
of pillaging, plunder, murder and gain
and proclaim once more, "for right!"

fathers and sons, mothers blind
who knows truly why
blood is shed of ones so dear
given reasons that are but lies

see the mother, see the father
see the legless man
see the broken loves and lives
all torn by your own hand

masters of war, of war do plan
you dare to employ
our own dear children born for tomorrows
to fight and die for glory

masters of war, of war do plan
listen and do in time
see the sorrows searing your soul
upon which you will one day dine