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Master Your Destiny

Master Your Destiny

"Wishful thinking is the formation of beliefs and making decisions according to what might be pleasing to imagine instead of by appealing to evidence, rationality, or reality."

Honestly, in my own life, I've made many bad decisions. Of those bad decisions, the worst outcomes came from trying to be a good person, using positive self-talk to wish away reality and from trusting people I shouldn't have trusted. Witches, our good intentions and desire to get along with people can be used against us to our catastrophic detriment, not only as individual persons but as a community as well. Many of us are naive and celebrate our feminine "feelings" and "intuition" a bit too much. This is a dangerous thing to do in this harsh world we live in. Let's be honest, feelings and intuition did not gut the American Middle Class. Predatory thinkers did. Witches, we need to develop our own critical thinking skills if we are to survive as more than feeling slaves to thinking masters. Flashy Kardashian magic and wishful thinking do not cut the muster if you want to survive and thrive as an awakened human being. Be real, be honest with yourself, learn to control and master your emotional responses, don't be gullible and above all, think rationally.

I am not suggesting at all that once you try to remove the veil from your mind, and to think for yourself, that you won't meet targeted opposition. On the contrary, you most likely will in a very powerful way. But, the path of wisdom and understanding is not an easy one or one without danger.

Be the captain of your own destiny - whatever that destiny may be.