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Mighty Thussauran Initiated Hagzissa, Lady of the Flame

Mighty Thussauran Initiated Hagzissa, Lady of the Flame

"The hagzissa or witch, is a ‘hedgesitter’ who has learned to pass through the barrier and to connect the needs of the village (conscious mind) with the unknown world beyond (the collective sub-consciousness). That the passage can be dangerous and painful needs hardly be mentioned." - Helrunar: A Manual of Rune Magick

Around 9000 years ago (and up to the present), the U5b1b1 maternal genetic lineage (which is my own maternal genetic group) is found in both Northern Scandinavia and among the Berbers of North Africa. This period of time roughly corresponds to the birth of Pre-Dynastic Egyptian civilization. It also suggests cultural communication with and genetic exchange between those who inhabited the far North of Europe and the Berbers of North Africa.

With origins in Pre-Dynastic Egypt (6000 through 3050 BCE or around 8020 through 5070 years ago), the Major Arcana Star in Egyptian based tarot portrays Wadjet, a cobra goddess. The uraeus on her head is symbolic of the Eye of Ra, the Hebrew letter Ayin, Mjölner and the Germanic rune Thurisaz.

Also known as Lady of the Flame, Wadjet is also Ma'at, the Lady of Truth, Justice and Balance. In her hands she holds two balanced feathers of Ma'at. Mythic folklore informs us that from the belly of Wadjet grew papyrus plants from which were crafted papyrus scrolls for ancient writing. Thus, she is a mother of writing and wordcraft (see my posts Marks of the Mothers and Sacred Mystery Script of Old Europe). Heka power is hers. She is the High Priestess, a fountain of truth and wisdom, bringing favor, blessing and brilliant ideas. She harvests good results.

Wielding Mjölner, this Star is mighty, of unmatched power and strength. With mastery, she willfully controls and directs chaos, force, passions and vitality to the good of consciousness. Self empowered and strong willed, this goddess of lightning sends forth wisdom, destroys curses, breaks the shackles of bondage, and shatters the fetters of unenlightened ignorance.

Thussauran initiated, this Star is a Hagzissa, a mighty witch who is able to cross the shamanic thorn hedge, She has excellently passed the tests of thurisaz to become a High Priestess of the Mysteries. Wielding Mjölner, the Hammer of the Gods, she is potent, fearless and full of vital force. Crowned with mjuil (Old Norse for "fire"), the Witch wears it well.