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My Heritage Ethnicity Estimates

My Heritage Ethnicity Estimates

My Heritage DNA (MHDNA) Ethnicity Estimate indicates that I am 77.7% North and West European. More specifically, I am predominantly Old European Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Welsh), Scandinavian Germanic (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) and Continental Germanic (German, French, Dutch). My 13.8% Iberian ancestry links to the Old European Basque people, known to have contributed significantly to the genetics of the Scottish (like the Vikings and Germanic tribes have to the British Isles). The ancient Basques are also an Old European source for my U5b maternal genetic lineage. My combined Old European Atlantic West Isles (Pre-Celtic, Celtic and Basque) ethnic heritage is 23.1%. My combined (Scandinavian and Continental) Germanic ethnic heritage is 68.4%.

According to MHDNA, I have 0% English (from Eastern England) ancestry. Yet, results from Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) indicate that I am 80% British Isles (generally) and 0% Iberian (generally). It seems clear then that MHDNA has drilled deeper down into my ancestry than has FTDNA.  Much of my FTDNA "British-English" ancestry has been traced by MHDNA to its earlier roots in Scandinavia (Vikings), North Germany (Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians), Germany (German, Cro-Magnon European Early Modern Humans) and France (Anglo-Norman, Cro-Magnon European Early Modern Humans). MHDNA has also identified the Basque (Iberian) component of my Old European ancestry. Taken together, my Old World Atlantic and North Sea European ancestry adds up to 91.5% of my ethnic heritage. 

My East European (Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Poland) ethnic heritage is 8.5%. 

There is no trace of a Southeast European (Roman or Greek) or Ashkenazi Jewish ethnic heritage in my MHDNA results. This was a surprise to me, given the Roman presence in England prior to the Anglo-Saxon and Viking migrations, and that my great great grandparents on my mother's side were putatively Ashkenazi Jews (likely then, they were not genetically Jewish). 

I am ethnically 100% European.

My ethnicity estimate according to My Heritage DNA:

Expanding to all possible European populations (as I tested to be 100% ethnically European where all other results were 0%).

Even though my ancestors came to America via the British Isles (some known to have come specifically from Wales on the ship Agreement), ethnically I am not English (from the Eastern regions of Britain). Rather, I am ethnically 9.3% Irish, Scottish and Welsh from the Western and Northern regions of the Isles. The Irish, Scottish and Welsh ethnic stock descends from pre-Celtic Old Europeans and the six Old European Celtic Nations (inhabiting Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and the Isle of Mann). During the Middle Ages, the Scottish clans were a composite nation of Gaels, Picts and Britons. The ethnic English came into existence as an ethnic group around the 16th to 17th centuries - and it is this ethnic English group to which I have 0% ethnic genetic match. These results more solidly confirm my Pictish ancestral genetic maternal lineage. These results also more solidly link my genetic ancestry to the Atlantic Megalithic Culture of Old Europe, which extended from Northern Iberia up into Arctic Scandinavia (Norway and Sweden).

The North and West European ethnic group at My Heritage DNA includes German, French and Dutch people. Among this ethnic group, modern western civilization was born, including "innovations in art, literature, philosophy, and scientific methodology that have become standard around the world." I have my highest ethnic percentage (36.5%) in this group.

I have my second highest ethnic percentage (31.9%) in Scandinavia, which includes Norway, Sweden and Denmark. This group shares a common North Germanic heritage and is the group from which my North Germanic ancestral genetic paternal lineage descends. The Ingveones (Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians) and Vikings were in this group.

Northern Iberia encompasses the region inhabited by the Old European Basque people, also linked to my ancestral genetic maternal lineage. Basque heritage is found in many people of Scottish ancestry. I am 13.8% ethnically of this Old European ethnic group at My Heritage DNA (10% at Family Tree DNA).

My Eastern European ethnicity comes next at 8.5% at My Heritage DNA (8% at Family Tree DNA). The regions included in the Eastern European ethnic group at My Heritage DNA include European Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Czechoslovakia. This result is consistent with the prehistoric arrival in Europe of my ancestral paternal lineage through Eastern Europe and Romania.

I expected the results to show that I am 100% ethnically European (as they have in tests from all other genetic testing companies). I am happy that my genetic links to Old European Celtic clans, the Basques (among whom my U5b maternal lineage is found), Northern Germanic and Old European Western European clans, could be differentiated from the later English ethnicity which arose during the Middle Ages. The more I discover, the more firmly my Old European ancestry is proven.

My FTDNA regional results:

I am ethnically Old European Celtic Germanic.