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New! Personal Tarot Readings

New! Personal Tarot Readings

An archetypal system reflecting the dynamic human experience, for over six centuries, tarot has offered guidance for problem solving, stimulated intuition and worked to connect many of us to our higher cosmic self.

Tarot is not used to predict the future, as if the future is cast in stone. You have the power to positively and intentionally influence your future according to the choices you make each and every day. Tarot offers insight as to the potential direction of future developments in your life based on current influences and layers of wyrd. Tarot aims to empower you to make good decisions, to illumine your path into the future, and to prompt you to take steps to make life changes when you should. Tarot does not tell you which path to take or how to walk it.

Presently, I am offering three types of readings - a one card CLARITY reading, a two card SITUATION-CHALLENGE reading and a three card LOVE-MONEY-HOME reading. I will be offering more traditional spreads and idiosyncratic specialized spreads created by me in the future. There are loads of decks to choose from to use for your personalized reading, including the popular The Wild Unknown deck, the lovely Pagan Otherworlds deck and the unusual Quantum deck for science lovers! Readings are nicely packaged in a pdf document emailed to you.

About Lori, the tarot reader and witch of Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy - Linked consciously to the cosmos through my experience of being born with continuity of remembering memory and awareness (a state of consciousness described in both the Occult Mysteries and Star Child phenomena), I have practiced contemplative mysticism for over thirty years and witchcraft for over twenty years. As an interpreter of the mysteries and as a tarot reader, I bring to the table the rare female NT (intuitive-thinking) personality type (as described in psychological science by Myers-Briggs). The NT personality type is rare among females. Most females (and thus, most female tarot readers) are of either the sensing-feeling (SF) or intuitive-feeling (NF) personality types. 

Personal Tarot Readings