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Old English Stān - Remembering Our Cosmic Birthright

Old English Stān - Remembering Our Cosmic Birthright

We saw in the previous post (Old English Magh) that the Old English rune *kwerÞrō and the Hebrew letter Nun can both be linked to the female Magician tarot card. In this post, we will see that the inverted Old English rune *kwerÞrō, the Old English rune Stān and the inverted Hebrew letters Nun (Nuns Hafucha) can be associated with the Cosmos (Universe, World) tarot card.

During my Star Child experience (as mentioned in discussion of the female Magician) when I was five or six years old, when my consciousness turned 'inside out', I received complete knowledge of the Cosmos, how everything, everything, throughout all Space and Time is woven together so perfectly into a complete story of the Consciousness of our Cosmos. It was profoundly beautiful, all of it. 

Even today, the taste of it in my mind lingers, though I cannot fit any more than a taste of this knowledge into my biological mind at this point in the evolution of our species. Despite the inability of my biological brain to contain it, this knowledge still exists within my Superconscious Being. The Divine Cosmos Itself placed it within me, promised it to me as eternally mine, and guards it for me. This knowledge exists within each one of us - I was made consciously aware of it during my Star Child experience.

This knowledge is Essence, the Unhewn Dolmen. Stones represent the permanence of Essence, and tablets upon which we each write our own stories of Being. Stones are memories of the Cosmos, Akashic records. Stones record our deeds and achievements throughout our many incarnations. Stones turn back and annihilate our enemies. Stones rest among us, reminding us of our Cosmic birthright. We are Star Children.