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Old European Rune Roots

Old European Rune Roots

In previous posts I compared the Old European paleolithic cave art symbols to letters of ancient western civilization alphabets and to the Hebrew tropes. In this post I mark the Old European cave symbols as roots of the Celto-Germanic runes of my ancestors.

I begin with my own mother and father runes, namely Hagall and Ing.

Clan Ursula / Clan Europa / Hagall Mother Rune

Haplogroup U5 (Clan Ursula, also known as Clan Europa) is indigenous to Europe and was the dominant maternal lineage among Paleolithic and Mesolithic European hunter-gatherers.

Hagall is the Northern Scandinavian Younger Futhark form of the 'h' rune. My maternal Clan Ursula ancestral U5b1b1-T16192C! genetic motherline is a genetic clade indigenous to Arctic Northern Scandinavia. U5 is an Old European proto-Germanic clade which has been in Europe for at least 50,000 years. U5 is a Cro-Magnon female lineage.

As evidenced in my own experiences of preincarnate consciousness, my maternal Clan Ursula ancestral totem birth rune is Hagall (see separate post).

Hagall and Ing are form-mates and I propose that these esoteric totems of consciousness came together in me to ignite the atypical "remembering" consciousness I experience.

Clan Woden / Yngvi (Ingvi) Tribe / Ing Father Rune

My paternal genetic fatherline is an Old European Cro-Magnon lineage from the North Sea areas of Jutland and the German Bight, with ancient extension into southern Sweden and Fennoscandia (by DNA analysis and population genetics). The German Bight contains the Frisian and Danish Islands. The area also includes Doggerland before it became submerged under the North Sea. Further back in time (when I2 was still part of the IJ superhaplogroup), both my genetic fatherline (I2/IJ) and my genetic U5 motherline were found in the Danube [Aurignacian] culture (origin of the world's earliest known confirmed script). So, beginning from the time of the post-LGM (last glacial maximum) population expansion, the currently known migration path of my genetic fathers from the Danube to the British Isles is:

Danube Culture -> SW/SE European Refugia -> Northwestern Europe -> Greater Doggerland -> North Sea Jutland -> Norman France -> British Isles

Based on my biological father's current known Y-line DNA genetic markers, my father is in haplogroup I-M223 cont1 group1 (subclade I-Z166, subbranch I-S20905, subbranch I-Y20888), a deme which corresponds to Jutland (continental portion of Denmark and the northern portion of Germany), homeland of Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians. These clans are collectively called the Ingvaeones (People of Ingvi, also spelled Yngvi).

The totemic Anglo-Saxon form of the rune Ing (and its esoteric meaning) of my Anglo-Saxon-Jute-Frisian ancestral paternal tribe (the Ingvaeones) also perfectly describes my experience of cosmic consciousness when I was 5 or 6 years old, where my awareness first "collapsed" into myself, then turning inside out, burst outward into cosmic awareness.

As evidenced in my own experiences of preincarnate consciousness, my paternal Clan Woden ancestral totem birth rune is Ing (see separate post).

Other Rune Root Correspondences

Fehu is root in the Old European Y-sign.

Uruz may be rooted in the Old European finger-fluting sign.

Kenaz and Thurisaz may be rooted in the Old European open angles signs.

Ansuz may be rooted in the Old European aviform sign.

Gebo is rooted in the Old European cruciform sign.

Wunjo may be rooted in the Old European spiral sign.

Hagalaz has two roots - the Old European crosshatch and scalariform signs.

Naud and Isa may be rooted in the Old European unciform signs.

Algiz and Tiwaz are rooted in the Old European penniform signs.

Sowilo is rooted in the Old European zigzag sign.

Berkano is rooted in the Old European reniform sign.

Laguz may be rooted in the Old European claviform sign.

Dagaz may be rooted in the Old European triangle sign.