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Saami Finn Rus Connections

Saami Finn Rus Connections

Though both my maternal U5b1b1 and paternal I2 genetic lineages are indigenous to old world Europe and have deep indigenous roots in Scandinavia, and though U5b1b1 is in modern times found predominantly concentrated in Arctic Fennoscandia among the Saami, neither my specific maternal U5b1b1 nor paternal I2 lineage is Saami.

My specific U5b1b1 maternal lineage is U5b1b1-T16192C!, while the Saami-specific maternal lineage is U5b1b1a. The Saami lineage shares the np transition T16192C! with my own specific lineage, but my own specific lineage does not share the transition at np 16144 which defines the Saami-specific motif. 

For clarity, though the transition at np 16144 is known as the Saami-specific motif, it is a motif actually found also among the Finns and Rus. So, despite that U5b1b1 (the foundational lineage which includes U5b1b1a) generally may be concentrated today in Arctic Scandinavia,  most scientific research studies support that the Saami foundational maternal lineage U5b1b1 originated in Western Atlantic and Atlantic North Sea Europe (among the European Atlantic Megalithic Culture migrating up into Scandinavia through prehistoric Doggerland). As a specific lineage, U5b1b1 emerged in Western Europe sometime before the Last Glacial Maximum and reached Northern Europe sometime around 15,000 years ago.

Like I2 (see my post Dragon Lords Of Anu), U5 has been in Europe for at least 50,000 years. Both lineages are ancient indigenous European Cro-Magnon lineages.

The predominant paternal genetic lineage among the Saami is N3. Y-DNA haplogroup N comprises approximately 22% of all Russian male lineages. Y-DNA haplogroup I (both I1 and I2) comprises approximately 18% of all Russian male lineages. R1a comprises approximately 63% of all Russian male lineages. Haplogroup N, like the R haplogroups, is descendant of macro-haplogroup K. All I, N and R male lineages are ultimately descendants of the macro-haplogroup IJK which originated in the North Iranian Plateau 65,000 to 55,000 years ago.

In summary, though both my maternal U5b1b1 and paternal I2 genetic lineages are lineages indigenous to Fennoscandia, neither lineage is Saami (in terms of specific tribal affiliation). My maternal tribes originated in Western Europe, along the European Atlantic seaboard (which includes the Ice Age Refugia of France and Northern Spain), where some tribes expanded post-Ice Age up into Scandinavia and Arctic Fennoscandia, a subset of them becoming the predominant maternal lineage of the Saami. My paternal tribes originated in Romania, migrated to Northwestern Old Europe (which included the regions of Doggerland and Southern Scandinavia, areas eventually birthing the tribes of my ancestral fathers, the Ingvaeones and the Swedish-Danish Vikings).