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Sacred Secular

Sacred Secular

Among my many treasured crystals and gemstones, my most treasured and cherished stones are two simple shaman stones made into a two stone amulet. I call these two stones, my Mother Stones. One is a dark nugget of Stonehenge Preseli Bluestone from the Preseli Hills in Wales, and the other is an earthy nugget of White Quartz from Snowdonia, also in Wales.

These two stones represent the dual two-fold symmetry Mother Goddess of my Ancient Atlantic Megalithic Culture (AAMC) ancestral genetic maternal bloodline. The AAMC Mother Goddess is also known as the Horned Star Goddess of the Old World Boreal Forest Biome, a habitat which includes the Western European lands of Scotland, Wales, Britain, Brittany, Ireland and Ice Age Doggerland.

Expressing harmoniously and seamlessly within Herself seemingly paradoxical duality (two fold symmetry), my maternal bloodline Mother Goddess is both Priestess and Warrior. She is both Light and Dark. She is both Life and Death. There is no disunity or discontinuity between Nature and the Sacred in Her. She is the Sacred Secular.

Represented in the Bluestone of Stonehenge and the White Quartz of Snowdonia, She is the Sacred Circle of Being. Even as we Pass Away, we Arise to New Being. 

The area of Snowdonia is known in Welsh as Eryri, meaning Highlands. Related to the Latin word oriri (to rise), Eryri is rooted in the Proto-Indo-European word *(H)r̥-nw- (to move, to rise, to flow, to stir, to spring). Sourced from this is also the name of the river Rhine (through Gaulish *Renos (“that which flows”).

The Guardian of Female Lineage, the Dual Goddess represents Female Sovereignty within the context of ancient shamanistic matrilineal cultures as they existed before patriarchy came to dominate. Prominent within Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures, the Dual Goddess is found throughout the ancient world including in Old Europe and Old Eurasia, Catal Huyuk (Anatolia) and Gozo (one of the islands of the Maltese archipelago).