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Shadow Walker's Moon

Shadow Walker's Moon

Usually called a blue moon, the second full moon of January 2018 (on the 31st) is an extraordinary total lunar eclipse super blood moon. During a lunar eclipse, the earth moves between the moon and the sun, positioning the moon and the sun in astrological opposition. The moon will move entirely through the earth's shadow for five hours and ten minutes. The total phase of the eclipse will last one hour and seventeen minutes. Reckoning according to the Sidereal Zodiac, this special super blood moon eclipses first in Cancer, then moves into Leo.

While neither lunar eclipses nor super moon lunar eclipses are particularly rare, this super blood moon is rare because it coincides with three lunar events - a total lunar eclipse, a super moon, and a blue moon. These three lunar events happening simultaneously is rare and hasn't happened since March 31, 1866.

Due to an effect called Rayleigh Scattering, the eclipsed full moon will appear orange-red as the it moves through the earth's shadow (umbra). The blood color occurs because the light is not totally blocked as the earth passes between the sun and the moon. Some of the light from the sun gets scattered toward the moon by the earth's atmosphere. The earth's atmosphere filters out the green and violet spectrum of light, leaving red spectrum light to be scattered to the moon and then reflected back to the earth by the moon.

During this especially rare eclipse, our shadow emerges, giving us an equally especially rare opportunity to embrace our wholeness. This is a time for walking with our shadow, our best friend. The rare triplet nature of this event is a magical series of moments in which to discover, consciously examine, resolve and integrate our fears, jealousy, anger and rage. Sun opposite moon will help us to maintain control and balance over raw feelings and thoughts that we have not yet processed into the service of our spiritual evolution as individuals and as a species of intelligent beings. 

Positioned in Cancer, the eclipse more directly impacts home, family, mother figures, intimate relationships and environment. Here we are called to embrace our feelings and sentiments, to care and nurture, and to interact with others with gentleness. In Cancer, let the shadow become a protected womb, a cave, a safe space, a sanctuary.

Positioned in Leo, the eclipse more directly impacts success, independence, creativity and ambition. Here we are called to courageously face our own darkness, to boldly explore, to express ourselves creatively with self-confidence, to play, and to lovingly share who we are with others. In Leo, let the shadow become our celestial champion, our guardian, our candle in the darkness.