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Shamanic Streams, An Atlantean Calling

Shamanic Streams, An Atlantean Calling

This morning I dreamt. I was a High Priestess of Atlantis, a place of wondrous earth-friendly cities, with luscious gardens and highly advanced technology. This dream felt like a memory of a former lifetime. As a prehistorical Atlantean, I lived then exactly in the region of the American Midwest as I am currently living. Indeed, the very parcel of land upon which I live now, I have lived before.

It is important to note here, that in this region, I was also born into this lifetime. This is also the region from which I experienced Divine Cosmic Consciousness when I was five or six years old, travelling through spacetime to a place where I experienced All. It is also important to note here that during this Star Child experiential journey to various star systems (some of which hosted other intelligent planetary civilizations), I was accompanied by a Divine Ancestor. Upon consciousness returning and re-centering into my body, I was informed that I was to keep the Sacred Knowledge I had been given safe and protected for a future time. I still am.

Back to the dream. In this place, there was an Atlantean skyscraper. I was a young woman. As part of the royal family, I was talking with a young man I trusted. This man was not an Atlantean, but a visitor from another place not part of the Atlantean United Kingdoms. He was a diplomat (though not of royal lineage), so I trusted him to be an honorable man. However, my trust was misplaced.

We entered an elevator together. I was taking him to see my father, the king of this region of the Atlantean Empire. As soon as the elevator door closed and the elevator started moving upward, he exploded a huge bomb. Everything went void briefly.

In the dream, I awoke laying in a woven basket hidden among the bushes by a country dirt road. This road also existed upon the very land I am living now which had once been part of a great Atlantean city. 

In the dream, I awoke to a time relatively shortly after the Atlantean city had been bombed, but enough time had passed that the shattered remnants of the city had been overgrown by Nature. Yet, it was still prehistory, as the memory of the Atlantean city was still very much present in the people who lived in the countryside. It felt to me in the dream that about a generation of time had elapsed since the bombing. In the dream, I realized that I had jumped forward in time through the blast. I existed in another body, but the people of the countryside instantly recognized me to be the daughter of the Atlantean king and hid me away from those who were seeking my destruction. Time jumping was not an unknown art in our ancient world. Like me, many Atlanteans have time jumped through time.

The bombing had been deliberate. An Atlantean had not been the bomber. Atlantis was under attack from another Empire not part of the Atlantean collective of United Kingdoms. In fact, we had established a positive diplomatic relationship with this other Kingdom (the reason for my trust of the man I was going to introduce into the presence of my father). We had been betrayed. As was my father's kingdom bombed, so too were many other Atlantean Kingdoms.

Despite that ancient destruction of our United Kingdoms, we the people of Atlantis, were not destroyed. Like me, many are reincarnating into current historical times. We are returning. We are rising again. We understand that we were betrayed in that ancient time by those we called friend.

After I awoke from this dream, I researched the possible prehistoric extent of the Old Atlantean Empire. Interestingly, the American Midwest is thought to have been part of it, as was the European Atlantic North Sea regions. On the map image of the Old Atlantean Empire, the red asterisk marks the area in my dream. My historic genetic U5b and I2 ancestral lineages are indigenous to the Old European Atlantic Megalithic Culture, also resting within the region of prehistoric Old World Atlantean United Kingdoms.

After I awoke from the dream, I randomly drew an Ogham from my bag of staves. Ailm. Awesomely, the ogham Ailm corresponds to December 22 (today!), the second day of the Winter Solstice, the first day of the renewal of the feminine sun (which links directly to my dream of December 15th, The Goddess Stirnmina). It is also the second day of a three day December full moon (the 21st through the 23rd, where on the 22nd, today, the moon is 100% full). 

Ailm is also associated with the Yule Log, shamanic visioning, Gwynfyd (the realm of the Gods in Welsh Celtic lore), clear headedness, regeneration, ancestral bloodlines, the weaver's beam (thus, wyrd weaving), destiny, vitality and blessing.

The Ogham Ailm is likewise associated with:

Loud Calling. Summoning. Mission.

A passage state.


Realm of the Ancestors.

Initiation into new beginnings.

Period between Conception and Birth.




Brink of discovery. 

An epiphany waiting to happen.

Being on the threshold of something new and vital.

Bringing in wisdom from other lives and realities.

Mastery. Clarity. Objectivity. Authority. Wisdom. Skill. Craft. Success. Strength.

New knowledge, Understanding, Opportunities, Answers, Calling.

Serene. Honor. Heiður. Drengskapr. Hamingja.