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Sovereign Mind

Sovereign Mind

Early this morning I dreamt. Human minds were synthetic, AI-like constructs, except that our minds were biological-ideological constructs rather than computer-like constructs as we commonly understand them. In the dream, there was no sense of extra-terrestrial or divine intervention or genetic manipulation. It was a fully human endeavor.

In the dream, I was an investigator. Other people were taking their seats for a big show. I did not. I stood aside a doorway across the aisle from the rows of seats. I just stood there observing. I was not going to take a seat, even though I was told to do so. I stepped toward the crowd, but slipped away unseen and through a doorway instead. I found myself in the place where human minds were being assembled - something I was not supposed to see. Seeing it, my mind was now rogue, a danger to those who adversely mold the minds of the mass of humanity.

I interpret this dream as marking another step up along my path of individuation and self-realization. I also understand the danger I am to those who profit from controlling the minds of others, who profit from keeping us ignorant, who profit from quashing our spirits into sameness, uniformity and misidentity. Nevertheless, I claim sovereignty over my own mind. 

In further analysis of this dream, I drew a random Ogham fid from my crane bag:  Straif

Straif associations:

Blackthorn (Royal, Chieftain, Druid, Warrior and Witch Tree)

Cailleach, Goddess of Sovereignty and Cold Honesty. Sacred Primal Ancestress. Guardian. 

Fiercely Powerful Protection (particularly by the Sidhe from Malevolent or Trickster Energies).

Alchemical Transformation. Turning Power. Overthrowing Resistance to One's Will.

Magical Power. Willpower. Sovereign Mind.

Walking Staff. Sail Éille. Battle Wand. Shillelagh. Stang.

Reddening (Infusing Lifeforce and Power).

Boundary-Breaking, Leading the Way into the Hidden, Mysteries, Unknown and Unseen.

Trail Blazing, Pathfinding.

Seeing Through (Clouds of Misinformation, Smokescreens, BS, Lies).

Brightening, Luminous, Brilliant, Light, Legitimacy.

Paradigm Shifts. Changes of Perception.