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Tarot Card Connections: The Valkyrie

Tarot Card Connections: The Valkyrie

In a previous post, using the Pagan Otherworlds (PO) tarot deck, I described my own tarot court card INTJ personality significator as the Queen of Swords. Following that, I described a dream I had connecting both the white clouds symbolism of the Queen of Swords and the upcoming storm and crisis energies of the Super Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. In my dream the clouds of the cosmic storm were white, like in the symbolism of the Queen of Swords, not a furious red like the hoopala surrounding the upcoming lunar event might suggest.

Using a traditional Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) tarot deck, note that the clouds at the feet of the Queen are windy and white, like a strongly windy day. They are not stormy blood red with fury. Also, contrast the clouds of the RWS Queen with the PO Queen. The clouds (of the PO Queen of Swords, which I used as my personal significator) are quiet and calm, transformed. As am I. Note the butterfly in the PO clouds.

A raised open palm characterizes the left hand of the Queen, representing the Hebrew letter Kaf. Kaf represents the power to rule, the three heads of Keter (Emunah-Divine-Cosmic-Connection, Ta'anug-Lifeforce, Ratzon-Will) and to suppress the forces of nature. The palm of the Queen has moved from a highly raised position to a position (Kaf Sofit) which has clearly suppressed any storm within the clouds, especially as one moves from the RWS to the PO card.

The major arcana Moon tarot card (number 18, the value of the Lifeforce Chai) is connected to the Queen of Swords (and to me) through both my dream of white clouds, a brewing storm, and the palm of the Queen. Like the palm of the Queen, the Moon tarot card is represented by Kaf, a letter also representing dreams and clouds.

The ordinal value of Kaf is eleven, the number of the sefirah Da'at (Knowledge), the light of Keter (Kaf and the Queen of Swords) filtered through Wisdom and Understanding. Filtered in this manner, Da'at represents Rectified Chaos - in other words, Chaos made useful and beneficial to the evolution of humankind.

Strengthening the Lifeforce (represented by both the Queen of Swords and Kaf) also corresponds to the rune Algiz (which also corresponds the Moon of the major arcana). Algiz is the rune of the Valkyries, protection, communication with Asgard, the Higher Self, safety, courage in the face of fear, and the essential connection between patterns of divine and archetypal consciousness. Algiz generates the force of Hamingja, protectively surrounding and making sacred the Queen of Swords, my own personality archetype of consciousness.

Through the connection with dreams and the Moon, the Queen of Swords is connected to the rune Laguz. Laguz corresponds to increasing and strengthening the Lifeforce, psychic and mental powers, evolution of consciousness, the mastery of emotion to influence wyrd, transpersonal communication, collective memory (of past lives, ancestral, humanity and life itself), second sight and prophetic wisdom.

In short summary, the Queen of Swords, through my Being and way of reading tarot, connects to the power to calm nature, Kaf, Kaf Sofit, Algiz, Keter, Da'at, Rectified Chaos, the Moon of the major arcana, Laguz, dreams, strengthening the Lifeforce and Hamingja, protection, self-mastery, wyrd working, Asgard and the Valkyries.