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Tarot Card Connections: Transforming Darkness To Light

Tarot Card Connections: Transforming Darkness To Light

As I am currently establishing my foundation as a tarot reader, and have shared in the past my own link to the Star Child phenomenon, I decided to look into what my own court card personality significator, the Queen of Swords, looks like in a deck I am patiently awaiting, from the stunning Starchild Tarot.

In the Starchild tarot deck, held in her left hand (the hand of Understanding, Power, Strength, Might and Perseverance), the white sword of the court Queen connects directly into the dark face of the Moon. The Moon is surrounded by star filled clouds of consciousness. The Queen's right hand lies with her palm resting gently on her lap, in serene repose.

The bare earth demonstrates this Queen's power to overcome all struggles and obstacles that have led her to this place of Being. She suffers no nonsense. She carries no emotional or mental baggage. She is not deceived by illusion or manipulation. She knows her truest self, stripped of everything nonessential.

A black panther sits to her right (the side of Wisdom, Lovingkindness, Endurance and Victory). A guardian energy, Black Panther is symbolic of the Moon, regaining one's power, knowledge of a galactic origin, knowledge of the dark, power of the night, rousing light within darkness, life, lunar control, astral movement and protection. Black Panther is solitary, like the introverted Queen of Swords INTJ personality. Linked to Dionysus, the god of winemaking and wine, of dying and rising, Black Panther is also associated with "Christ-consciousness" in the sense of human consciousness which has evolved into its Divine potential.

As with the Rider-Waite-Smith and Pagan Otherworlds decks, the Queen is shown in regal profile, like on coins exhibiting profiles of monarchs. Her sword links the earth to the Moon and to the stars. She knows her way home.