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When Signs Collide

When Signs Collide

Tonight, the Moon in Pisces squares with Mercury in Sagittarius. This astrological configuration ignites a powerful magical dance between intuitive impression apprehension and ever exploring rational thinking. 

The cosmic energetic impulse now streaming into being conjures balance of intuition with reason, of freeform wisdom with thoughtful understanding. Harness the power tonight.

As it pertains to my own works, this dedicating cosmic impulse is a good omen for my new endeavor exploring "Secret Alchemy Codes: The Sola-Busca Tarot" and for the focused tarot readings I will soon be offering to friends, clients and customers. The Pisces Moon square Sagittarian Mercury zodiacal collision also releases the inherent power of the NT (intuitive thinking) personality type (which I have).

The NT personality type is rare among females. Most females (and thus, most female tarot readers) are of either the sensing-feeling (SF) or intuitive-feeling (NF) personality types. 

The dichotomy between sensing (S) and intuiting (N) characterizes how one focuses one's attention - through concrete experience (S) or through abstract apprehension of meaning and associations, pattern recognition, and careful observation. The dichotomy between thinking (T) and feeling (F) characterizes the continuum which reflects one's primary modal preference for making decisions. Those with a feeling preference tend to make decisions which place emphasis on causes, issues, emotional factors and the personal or collective motives of people. Those with a thinking preference tend to make decisions which place emphasis on objective truth, logical principles and thoughtful reasoning.

As an interpreter of the mysteries and as a tarot reader, I bring the rare female NT personality type to the table. In tonight's dedicating astrological observation, the Moon in Pisces square Mercury in Sagittarius aligns with my personality and streams a powerful aligned energetic impulse into my witch works to come.