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Wise Mothers Of Writing

Wise Mothers Of Writing

Let's look at the beginning of and the thread of connection running through the ancestral tree of written symbolic communication as experienced by my own U5b ancestral genetic maternal lineage.

Interestingly, the U5b genetic maternal haplogroup was recently found in a 4000 year old ancient Egyptian mummy in an area known as Djehutynakht [Genes 2018 9(3) 135; doi:10.3390/genes9030135]. Equally interesting, the U5b lineage of this mummy is also found in ancient people of both Europe and Phoenicia. All of these places and cultures are connected together through their civilization-changing influences on the development and perfection of writing. 

The founding indigenous European U5b haplogroup is significant for its presence among the European cave art creators of the first known graphical symbols of communication and for its presence among the Phoenician creators of the first known alphabetic script ancestral to modern European, Semitic and Indian scripts. With this new Egyptian finding in Djehutynakht, U5b is now also directly connected to the creators of hieroglyphic communication and to the Egyptian deities of writing, communication, wisdom, mathematics, science, astronomy and architecture.

The U5b Djehutynakht mummy belongs to the period of the 11th or 12th dynasties during the Middle Kingdom of Upper Egypt. The local deities in this area were Thoth and his feminine counterpart Seshet (both divine scribes). Significantly, Thoth was the god of writing, magic, science and arbitration. Seshet was the goddess of writing, record keeping, wisdom, mathematics, accounting, architecture, astronomy, building and surveying - all skills which employ the fine art of writing and communication.