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A daughter of the Clan of the Sable Gryphon, with my father's surname Taylor, comes the rebirth, renewal and rising of my Clans and my People. The three central male Gryphons on my father's family crest correspond to the third rune Thurisaz (the Divine Energetic Power often associated with Thor).

A daughter of the Clan of the Golden Gryphon, with my maternal grandfather's surname Collins, comes victory to and elevation of my Clans and my People. The one central female Gryphon on my maternal grandfather's family crest corresponds to the first rune Fehu, to the idea of Hamingja, and to the ability to control, project and make mobile this Cosmic Family Soul Force.

Thus, the male Sable Gryphon of Clan Taylor and the female Golden Grypon of Clan Collins together control, wield and project the Sacred Evolutionary Force of Divine Power and Very Good Victorious Hamingja.