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Daughter of the Clan of the Golden Gryphon, like my father's Taylor line, my maternal grandfather's British Collins line is also Anglo-Norman English.

"There are two origins for this surname. The first and applying to most English name holders is a derivative patronymic of the Greek-Roman "Nicholas". It is comprised of the elements "Col" plus "in", the latter being a shortened form of the Saxon "kin" to imply "Son of Col". Introduced into England by the Normans after the 1066 Invasion, some eighty derivative spellings are recorded, showing the great popularity of the name Nicholas (translating as - the victory people)."

The Golden Gryphon is totemic of Clan Collins. The Golden Gryphon has wings. In British heraldry, male gryphons are shown without wings, while female gryphons are shown with wings. Thus the Golden Gryphon of my maternal grandfather's family crest is female, while the Sable (Black) Gryphon on my father's family crest is male.

The Or (gold) tincture of the Collins Clan is associated with Hazel, Topaz, the Sun, Gold and elevation of the Mind.

With my father's surname Taylor, comes the rebirth, renewal and rising of my Clans and my People.

With the surname Collins, comes Victory to and elevation of my Clans and my People.