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A daughter of the Clan of the Phantom Queen (also called the Great Goddess, The Morrígu, Morrigan, Morgen Le Fey, Anu, Anand and Fótla), the Phantom Queen has four shamanic forms - the Human Female, the Raven, the Spiral Snake and the Owl. The Morrígu, the shape-shifting divine-human-animal Great Mother of Witches is the clan totem of my old world European Atlantic Megalithic Culture (7000-4000 ybp) U5b1 genetic motherline ancestors. Megalithic monuments (including Stonehenge and Newgrange) and signature artifacts of the old world Atlantic Megalithic Culture are rarely found in mainland Europe but are concentrated along the Atlantic seaboard in what is now Britain, Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and ancient Ice Age Doggerland (also called the North Sea Atlantis, land now submerged under the North Sea). Fótla (Ath-Fotla) was the name of one of the first Pictish Kingdoms. Picts (whose name means 'painted people') are thought to be descendants of the Calendonii (a group of related tribes indigenous to Iron Age Scotland). In Druidic Folk Tradition, during Samhain, the lunar lady Phantom Queen comes together with Dagda, an ancestral Druid chieftain and horned lord whose name is derived from Proto-Indo-European *Dhagho-deiwos "shining divinity", the first element being cognate with the English word "day" (as is the rune Dagaz, to which I dedicated one of my original rune poems describing an epigenetic experience of my own nascent incarnating consciousness). The Phantom Queen (in all of her forms, including the Female Divinely Conscious Human, Raven, Spiral Snake and Owl forms) is the clan totem of my Old European genetic motherline during the late Pleistocene up through the present time.


The Phantom Queen so fits my avatar (designed nearly 3 decades ago), even before I knew my ancestral genetic clanic connections or realized myself to be a witch.