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A daughter of the Clan of the Shining One, my old world European paternal ancestral I2 (I-M223, subbranch I-Z166, subbranch I-S20905, subbranch I-Y20888) genetic fatherline is a lineage originating in the North Sea areas of Jutland and the German Bight, with ancient extension into southern Sweden and Fennoscandia (by DNA analysis and population genetics). The German Bight contains the Frisian and Danish Islands. The area also includes Doggerland before it became submerged under the North Sea. Both post Ice-Age Celtic (particularly the Tuatha De Danann) and Germanic (particularly the Yngvi-Ingvi-Freyr tribes, namely the Ingvaeones of Clan Woden) peoples emerged from a source core Danubian population of Old World Europe.

Both the ancestral horned lords Celtic Lugh (of my Calendonii Pictish tribal ancestral genetic motherline) and Germanic Ygnvi-Ingvi-Freyr (of my Ingvaeones tribal paternal ancestral genetic fatherline) are gods of radiating sunshine (a symbol of evolved consciousness) - in other words, are 'shining ones'. Thus, even as the Phantom Queen of my ancestral mothers carries, protects and expresses the sacred secret of the radiant rune Dagaz, I received a triple dose of radiantly shining evolutionary consciousness as an authentic tribal spiritual inheritance through both my ancestral genetic mothers and fathers.

The Shining One is a clan totem of my Old European paternal ancestral genetic fatherline line during the late Pleistocene up through the present time.