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A daughter of the Clan of the Star Goddess, ancestral horned reindeer goddess Elen of the Ways has been known for eons of time by archaic humankinds (certainly at least, the Neanderthals) and many Homo sapien peoples native to the Boreal Forest Biome (also known as the the Snow Forest, which includes Ice Age British Isles, Isles of the Atlantic North Sea areas, Doggerland, Scandinavia, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska and some portions of other extreme northerly places including in the United States), an area which stretches over the world legendarily called the lands "beyond the North Wind." She was also known in ancient Anatolia, in such places as Alaca Höyük and Göbekli Tepe. The Star Goddess over eons of time, including in modern times, has been particularly associated with the Milky Way.

According to Native American legend, when Star Children born to Native American women with Star Ancestors are around age 5 to age 9, the Star Ancestors would come and take the child when the child exhibited certain signs. Also according to Native American legend, some of those taken children remain with the Star Ancestors, while others are returned to the tribe. There are many legends among many Native American tribes about "Star Children."

I've written about the time when my core consciousness left my physical body and traveled the Cosmos when I was about 5 or 6. I was returned to my body at the conclusion of the journey.

Here are two poems I wrote (about 3 decades ago) describing that experience:



There are many types of Star Children who exhibit various differing characteristics and abilities. The Star Child phenomenon in my experience is the conscious connection to, experience of, and remembrance of consciousness transcendent of actualized physicality. Star Children are those able to remember their origin of consciousness integral to the very essence of the Cosmos even while incarnate while most other people forget a short time following birth. There are legends of these kinds throughout many traditions of the world - I am not alone in my experience of this kind of consciousness - in modern times or in ages past.

Integral to the consciousness of the Cosmos, the Star Goddess is a clan totem of my genetic ancestors, including my motherline and paternal fatherline, forever.