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A daughter of the Clan of Urheimat Hyperborea, my ancient indigenous European hunter-gatherer genetic ancestors (of both my ancestral U5b1b1 Caledonii-Pictish-Northern Scandinavian motherline and I2 Ice Age Doggerland-Scandinavian paternal fatherline) origins trace to the ancient Boreal Forest Biome of the planet, also known as the Snow Forest in the "Lands Beyond the North Wind").  This great northerly biome, an area which extends over the extreme northern areas of Europe (including Scandinavia, Ice Age Doggerland, the Ice Age British Isles, the Pine Forests of Caledonia, Northern Russia (including Siberia) and North America (including Canada, Alaska and a few other extreme northern parts of the United States) is the land in which the common ancestor to the genetic descendants of indigenous native hunter-gather Northern Europeans and Native Americans lived. Our common ancestral homeland is known as Urheimat Hyperborea (meaning 'original homeland Hyperborea').