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Why does poetry work so much better than prose when attempting to share and communicate to others experiences of consciousness which occur within a purely sensory context? There are no words, no concepts, no ideas of reference with which one experiences pure awareness uncomplicated by the presence of mind or emotion. One is simply immersed in sensory reality at its most fundamental level.

I think I now understand why I instinctively chose poetry to describe some of my experiences of genetic sensory memory. Poetry, much more than prose, can attune to the specific internal proto-feeling state congruent with the ineffable perception characteristic of the particular genetic sensory memory under reflection. Importantly, the affect attunement attained through poetry with the actual experience is a mimetic form of interaction (of the thinking self with the self before thinking was even in the toolbox of personhood). Using a modality of poetic words and rhythm, affect attunement enables expression and communication of that which is essentially indescribable.

Marcel Kuijsten (author of Gods,Voices and the Bicameral Mind) writes:

"How can an internal feeling state be shared? An example says this best. After accomplishing an amusing routine, a 10-month old girl looks up at her mother. The girl "opens up" her face (mouth opens, eyes widen, eyebrows raise) and then closes it back in a smooth arch. The mother responds saying,"Yeah." However, she intones it so that the pitch contour of "yeah" has the same "envelope" as the girl's facial gesture. The mother's vocal prosodic contour has matched the child's facial contour. What the mother did was to reflect back to the child, in a different modality, what the child just experienced."

I posit that this is why poetry works well to share that which cannot be literally described. The poems I have written to communicate my experiences of pure "sensory genetic memory" reflect back in words and rhythm to myself (and to others who read my poems) what I originally experienced without mindful thought or emotion. The words, rhythm and contour of the poem shared below have the same "envelope" as the experience it seeks to communicate. Feel my experience ..


asymmetries oscillating iterating disequilibrium
rushing in circuits of fluctuation imperfectly, perfect!
exotic attractors embedding the spinning critical magnetism
stretching out and considering, yet thoughtbare
projecting and collapsing, gathering with distance, yet near
trying and trying in motionless motion
extending apprehension, passing over, passing under, all around
tying knots of charged connection binding quanta of stops
concentrating conjunctions, strengthening two by two, yes and no
drawing out distinctions of uniqueness, outliers in some quantum time
establishing eccentricities, coagulating singularities
against the rhythm, making discretions
wavelets of indeterminate interval, itty bytes
contracting, constructing, expanding the matrix of translation
reproducing intensity superposing virtual phases of doing ... what
stringing a river of elucidating brilliance responding
to the essential siren current of the one opposite reflection
intercalating delights, perturbing stones of memory
driving the tug dancing between ignorance and knowing
exchanging a mystery, mysterious mysterious, inside out
curling across fields, and between, from some side
end against end, propagating the dynamic
wrestling the source toward convergence
in the matter