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My interincarnate and preincarnate experience of continuity of memory and remembering awareness is a phenomenon that has, down through time, been experienced by at least a few human beings for a long, long time. Not only does the folklore of the Northern European Volva tell of it, but so does the Egyptian Book of the Dead tell of those who have experienced continuity of memory and remembering awareness as I have:

"I stand before the masters who witnessed creation, who were the authors of their own forms, who rolled into being, who walked the dark circuitous passages of their own becoming, who saw with their own eyes their destinies and the shapes of things to come." [Egyptian Book of the Dead, 1550 BCE, Normandi Ellis translation]

By association, this passage from the Egyptian Book of the Dead also intimately links my own ancestral clan totem, the Old European Cave Lioness, to the Great Sphinx of Egypt, and to ancient civilizations of remote antiquity (long before the reign of the pharaohs). The Great Sphinx is a therianthrope - a lioness with a woman's head.