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New Eurogenes K36 Deep Ancestry Analysis (164614 SNPs used in this GEDmatch evaluation) !!! These results reflect Paleolithic Europe during and after the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) from around 24,5000 BCE to around 7000 years ago - it looks like the primary Ice Age refuge for many of my ancestors was in the Franco-Cantabrian refugium (Iberia and France between 24,500 - 21,000 BCE) and in the refugia of the Balkans (west of the Black Sea (in East Central Europe) and Mediterranean (Central Southern Europe) secondarily. Following the LGM, it looks like they nearly all headed north (from the Franco-Cantabrian refugium up the North Atlantic coast) and northwest (from the Balkan-Mediterranean refugia going through central and north central Europe). Many settled along lands of the North Atlantic, and another significant portion ended up around the North Sea and in Fennoscandia. So, these data support that my ancestors during the LGM sought refuge primarily in southwestern Europe (Franco-Cantabrian) and secondarily in southeastern and south central Europe (Balkan-Mediterranean West), both ancestral populations (as relevant to my own genetic ancestry) then headed north and west into Europe following melting of the glaciers over northern and northwestern Europe such that, according to 23andMe, as these these post-glacial migrations culminated, I am genetically 98.8% specifically Northwestern European.
North Atlantic - 16.88
Iberian (Franco-Cantabrian refugium) - 16.01
North Sea - 13.34
Italian (refugium) - 12.98
Fennoscandia - 10.42
East Central Europe (Balkan refugium) - 9.71
Central Europe - 6.40
French (Franco-Cantabrian refugium) - 6.06
Eastern Europe - 3.94
West Mediterranean - 1.91
East Balkan - 1.12
North Caucasian (Caucasus within European Russia) - 0.63
Basque (Franco-Cantabrian refugium) - 0.31
Volga-Ural - 0.28