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This paper in the journal Nature (40,000-Year-Old Rock Art in Indonesia Rewrites History Books) makes it a possibility that the early modern human creative explosion I discussed in an earlier article (The Völva - Memory & Vision) came about as the result of the hybrid vigor resulting from early modern humans interbreeding with archaic Denisova (or Denisova-related in Europe) hominids (as opposed to Neanderthals as I suggested earlier based on Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon skull structure). Significantly, the indigenous population of Indonesia is the Melanesian people (a dark-skinned people with European-like blonde individuals among them). The blonde trait among the Melanesians is believed by some scientists to be the result of interbreeding with the Denisovans (an archaic human population that also inhabited Europe and Asia). Descended from indigenous European ancestry, surprisingly my own Denisovan genetic ancestry is greater than my archaic Neanderthal genetic ancestry according to my Geno 2.0 autosomal DNA test, 2.3% versus 1.9% respectively. My Denisovan genetic ancestry is a proven scientific result, though the establishment scientific community has yet to admit that people of European ancestry carry Denisovan genes. Nevertheless, scientists at National Geographic's Genographic Project say that according to the work they've done "non-Africans average 1.6% “Denisovan." Similarly, genetic paleoanthropologist John Hawkes admits that there is evidence for "a more widespread Denisovan (genetic) legacy, and I accept that as a possibility."

Scientists have yet to find a Denisovan skull to know its structural characterists.

In note, I am not altogether convinced that these Indonesian cave paintings are as old as the "new" dating of them by scientists suggests. Remember Piltdown Man - one of the most notorious scientific hoaxes known to modern science? These Indonesian cave paintings were discovered 50 years ago and were originally believed to be "no more than 12,000 years old." The new date too conveniently fits the current political paradigm being pushed within the scientific community regarding human origins to make the new date unquestionably true. Like the old saying goes, "If it's too good (for the corporate scientists) to be true, then it probably isn't (true)."