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DRAGON STAR Old European "Europa the Lawspeaker" Star Pillar Candle

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Inspired by the European folk story of Europa, her brother Cadmus the dragonslayer, and Draco the Lawgiver.

Europa transforms darkness into light, with eyes wide open to truth, reality and destiny. The name Europa (for whom the continent of Europe is named and claimed) "derives from the ancient Sumerian and Semitic root "Ereb", which carries the meaning of "darkness" or "descent", a reference to the region's western location in relation to Mesopotamia, the Levantine Coast, Anatolia, and the Bosporus. Thus the term would have meant the 'land of the setting of the Sun' or, more generically, 'Western land'." Yet from this darkness shines the light which never sets, which never goes out, ever-shining from the circumpolar pole star in the Northern sky which shines in Europa's honor. Europa's name also derives from Greek Ευρωπη (Europe), which means "wide (open) eye, face" from ευρυς (eurys) "wide" and ωψ (ops) "eye, face". Europa also means "intelligent" (analogous to glaukopis (γλαυκῶπις), a characteristic likewise attributed to the Greek goddess Athena). Thus, taken together, the name Europa embodies the transformation of darkness into eternal light and of ignorance into stellar intelligence. In terms of human evolution, Europa embodies the transformation of archaic humans (with small brains relative to modern humans) into large brained modern humans (quite possibly and specifically to the transformation of archaic humans into Cro-Magnon humans who had larger brains than do even modern humans today; Cro-Magnon humans are also known for their "wide faces").

Europa's brother Cadmus the dragonslayer, in his search for her, slew and cast the dragon Draco into the circumpolar Northern sky as the pole star which never sets in honor of his sister Europa (thereby claiming the continent which bears her name). The name Cadmus means "to shine."

With the slaying of the dragon, the first written draconian laws of Draco the Greek Lawgiver were transformed into justice and just laws by the Lawspeaker Europa, whose light and intelligence ever shine.

Blessed be Europa, my Divine Ancestor, the Sacred Land which birthed my people, and the People Europa!

In tribute to my ancestor goddess Europa, this stunning DRAGON STAR™ Old European "Europa the Lawspeaker"™ Black Tapered Pillar Candle by WITCHCRAFTS ARTISAN ALCHEMY® is generously scented with an original, deeply rich, exclusive blend of Gold Seal Dragon's Blood resin oil. Dusted with Black Diamonds glitter, DRAGON STAR™ is adorned with an old world German golden tone brass star charm hung on richly beautiful gold-threaded sparkling metallic ribbon.

Comes in your choice of size 1.5" X 2.5" X 4.75" or 1.5" X 2.75" X 6.5".

Interestingly ... Europium (also named for Europe) is a natural rare earth element (also produced by nuclear fission) associated with 'glow in the dark' phosphorescence.

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