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As I have written on my "Meet the Witch" and "About" my Etsy shop pages (and on my personal blogs and websites over the years), I was born with continuity of memory and remembering awareness of my inter-incarnate and pre-incarnate journey into physical existence. I am sometimes asked to explain what exactly I mean by that.

Simply, I mean that my consciousness has been "aware continuously" from "times" before my consciousness became attached to the physical vehicle of the body I currently possess. I remember physical existences prior to my current one. Most people can remember what happened last week, I can remember what happened clear back to before I was born (and remember into more sublime realms of timeless non-physical experiential consciousness as well).

I remember my journey into physicality. I remember crossing over the cell membrane of the egg containing my own darkness (and the hazardous obstacles I overcame to successfully do that). I remember the phases of my own cellular meiosis. I remember the unwinding and rewinding of my own nascent nuclear genetic structure.

I remember conversations with my own Fylgja (contrasexual to my current body) even as my current (female) body was being constructed as I observed (from positions both immanent and transcendent of those physical structures becoming my body). I remember conversations with other parts of myself as well, including what is called Wodh Consciousness in the Tradition of my Ancestors. I remember "being" in the "place" called the Ginnungagap (as it is called in Ancestral Tradition) gathered together as a perfect multifaceted Unity in the bosom of my Folk (Cosmic Soul). I myself am an Ancestor experiencing incarnation in this reality we collectively call "the present time."

In a sense, I am Odin, the Lord of Mysteries. I am Freyja, the Lady of Magic. I am Hel, She who unites and transforms both the Light and the Darkness into Reality. I am Saga, She of epic memory who ever lives in and ever partakes of the Stream of Memory and shares my story. And so forth. All of these Ancestral Divinities are the "stuff" my living consciousness experiences as it became, is and evolves as consciousness incarnate.

These memories I was born carrying and still carry with me. The earliest memory for most people is at some point during their childhood - this is not true for me. My awareness and epic memory access and consciously extend into realms where manifest reality is is ever becoming and emerges forth into being.

The achievement of continuous consciousness is one of the highest aims of old ways initiation into the traditional mysteries of Witchcraft.

Michael Kelly writes in Aegishjalmur: The Book of Dragon Runes:

"The more coherent and integrated the personality is within life, the more cohesion and direct memory there will be between incarnations. This continuity of conscious identity and memory is one of the highest aims of Initiation."