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As many of my regular clients know, I am a witch who practices ancestral traditional witchcraft - witchcraft guided by the folkways of my ancestors. As I work with genetic memory and ancestral spirits, new results on my father's Old European I2 (I-M223) Y-fatherline have come in. This essay will concentrate on a comparison of markers shared by my father's Old European I1 haplotype and the Jewish J (J1 and J2) Cohen Modal Haplotype.

Since Y-line haplogroups I and J are "brotherlines" in the sense that they both descended from a common ancestor (once an IJ superhaplogroup), and haplogroup J (both J1 and J2)* is associated with the Cohen Modal markers (designating assumed descendents of ancient Hebrew high priest Aaron who carry a specific set of values at a set of 6 markers), I checked my dad's I2 markers against the 6-marker Cohen Modal group of markers:

DYS393 = 14 (dad), 12 (CM)
*DYS390 = 23 (dad), 23 (CM)
DYS19 = 15 (dad), 14 (CM)
*DYS391 = 10 (dad), 10 (CM)
DYS388 = 13 (dad), 16 (CM)
DYS 392 = 12 (dad), 11 (CM)

Dad's values exactly match 2 of the 6 Cohen Modal markers. It may be that whichever ancient ancestor gave rise to the Hebrew line of Aaron may have also given rise to my dad's line. I have hypothesized in the past (on my personal blog) that Northmen are descended from Korach (the cousin of Aaron and Moses, and whose name means ICE like in Ice Age Northern Europe) and at the (democratic-theocratic) political split that occurred following the exodus from Africa (Egypt), Korach's people (my people) did not get swallowed up by the earth (as the Hebrew tale tells us) in punishment, but rather went towards our own promised land in Sweden and Northern Europe (as genetic science tells us). I've posted more details about my hypothesis a few times in the past on my blog, but HERE IS GENETIC EVIDENCE THAT SUPPORTS MY HYPOTHESIS.

Perhaps my dad's I2 haplogroup has a Northman version of "Cohen Modal" markers - this makes sense especially in light of my own preincarnate-incarnate memories of continuous consciousness - a very "Cohen"-like thing I think. So, the Northern Völva phenomenon may be similar to a Hebrew bat-Cohen (daughter of a Cohen) phenomenon. The Völva of Scandinavian tradition may inherit from her father a similar role as does a bat-Cohen of Hebrew tradition.

Now I will qualify everything I am about to write so that it is clear the perspective I am coming from. I believe that the Torah and Bible, as are all folk tales of a People, whether written or orally passed down the family line, are not the inviolate inerrant word of a deity. On the contrary, I believe the folk tales of a folk are exactly that - the transmitted folk memory of a people comprised both of stories of genetic memory interspersed with the political agenda of the ruling class. In the case of the Torah (from which the Bible also derives), it contains within it the stories of the genetic folk memory mixed and edited with the ruling class bias towards supporting a theocratic form of government over the general masses of the People. All that being said, I will simply lay out the ideas swirling around in my mind seeking to bust out with genetic memory information.

First, I think that the "darkest place in Torah" - the story of Lot's house in Sodom, and the related story of the fate of Lot's daughters, and the Midrashic folk tradition of Lot's specific daughter Plitith, are actually telling the story of genetic conception among those carrying a priestly genetic modality of markers.

Lot's house is the darkest place in the Cosmos, the place in the Cosmos most fully manifesting a feminine "dark energy" - the elusive Dark Energy of the Cosmos as described in the science of physics. Lot's House is the female egg of a daughter of a man carrying priestly markers on his Y-Chromosome. Let me explain.

The "light-bringing angels of the Lord" represent AUTOSOMAL-intergressed genetic markers passed on to the DAUGHTERS OF MEN carrying Cohen Modal markers on their Y-Chromosome. This is what the Sodomites "saw" in the House of Lot (the female egg) - they "saw" (chemically sensed) the information that this egg carries the priestly markers coding for the capability of recording "remembering consciousness" in the physical creature this egg will form.

The Sodomites are the multitude of sperm who descend upon an egg EXPERIENCING GENETIC RECORDING "REMEMBERING" CONSCIOUSNESS (as do I), seeking entrance to the House carrying the intergressed genetic markers marking the egg (of the daughter of a priest). Lot's family line (both male and female) was saved through and in merit of his specific daughter, Plitith, who "gave food to a stranger" - that is, Plitith allowed access to the nourishment of the House by giving entrance to one specifically chosen sperm, while blocking out all others. The daughters of Lot who "came out" of the House of Lot actually tell us about the incarnation of the daughters of men carrying the priestly genetic modality who INCARNATE into physicality. Moreover, once the autosomal genetic material from the one specifically chosen sperm and the one egg unwind (now we have Sodom and Gomorroh) and then recombine, genetic nuclear recombination results in nuclear explosion (an explosion of cellular nuclear activity and cellular nuclear mitosis) whereby "Sodom and Gomorroh" cease to exist, the site becoming host to a whole new genetic array - set to become the physical son or daughter of a priest.

Second, the two-edged "blessings or curses" associated with the priestly energetic evocation upon THE PEOPLE may be projected into reality through the active masculine movement, but the receiving, unfolding and manifesting of that energetic evocation is dependent upon the daughters of the priests and how that masculine energy is experienced by us, the daughters of the priests. The priestly energy may be one of action (Light energy of the Cosmos), but the feminine energy is the Dark energy of the Cosmos. The feminine principle experiences the reality of the Cosmos and the Dark energy forms matter and directs the action of light (pathways the light takes) based upon HER experience of the Cosmos. The pathways take form based upon feminine experiential realities (the purpose for the "Torah laws" governing who a bat-Cohen may marry - that is, men who are supposedly more enlightened than everyone else and who can be trusted to ACT TOWARDS THE FEMININE PRINCIPLE IN A MANNER WHICH WILL BRING BLESSING TO THE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF CURSE). Thus, the two-edged nature of the priestly evocation can bring blessing or curse upon THE PEOPLE - the light energy unfolding, forming and acting in congruence to the experiences of the daughters of the priests.

In my own case, both my my father's sperm and my mother's egg (the specific ones which became incarnate physical me) carried the necessary genetics (phenotypicallly expressed in my case, while "asleep" until activated into phenotypic expression in others of the family line) - the NORTHMAN and NORTHWOMAN versions of the Cohen Modality and the Bat-Cohen genetic markers (Godhi and Volva, respectively). Also, just as each individual sperm carries a unique set of recombined genetics, so too does each egg carry a unique set of recombined genetics.

Additional thoughts on all of this -

Perhaps the "TWO angels" in Lot's House actually point to TWO autosomal genetic structures (present in both males and females) configured by the TWO Y-line priestly markers shared by my dad's I2 Y-line and the J Y-line Cohen Modal haplotype, namely DYS390 = 23 and DYS391 = 10.

Perhaps too, the TWO Y-line markers DYS390 = 23 and DYS391 = 10 ACTIVATE (cause phenotypic expression) of some (set of) genetic structure(s) endemically present in the human genome as a species which encode for the ability(ies) commonly associated with priest/priestess functions of consciousness and reality-molding.

Perhaps too, DYS390 = 23 and DYS391 = 10 CONFIGURE an associated complimentary autosomal genetic platform (in both males and females) in the physical world upon and from which (like an anchor in manifest physical reality) energetic consciousness may CROSS-ACTIVATE the (set of) "sleeping" genetic structures in other members of the human species which encode for expression of abilities now laying dormant in most people. So, the role of the priest/priestesses is not only to mold reality (toward blessing or curse dependent upon how the pathways form based upon the actions of the people), the role is also one of cross-activation toward expressions of additional modal abilities of consciousness in other members of The Folk.

Perhaps too, as the human species has evolved and acquired genetic peculiarities within related groups of people, so too may have the cross-activation markers evolved and configured in parallel to meet the genetic diversity (group-specific genetic peculiarities) found among we the peoples who call ourselves "human".

*The occurrence of the CMH (Cohen Modal Haplotype) in Cohanim overestimates their descent from Aaron, because at least some of the CMH bearers belong to J1 and some to J2, and they can't both be descended from Aaron. [source] The priestly markers exist in both J1 and J2 because the "priestly" Y-line PREDATES AARON, and arose AT LEAST AS EARLY as the time when men were members of the IJ superhaplogroup. Aaron was but one of many who carried the genetic markers for priesthood.