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As the witch of Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy, I am a Traditional witch as historically understood among Old Ways practitioners of the Craft. This is part of the reason that I value my personal privacy and family life, sharing only those things (such as my genetic heritage and related experiences of consciousness) which serve to offer others a "flavor" of Traditional Witchcraft as it is expressed through myself and my ancestral lineage and folk, and to help others identify and distinguish Traditional Witchcraft from other types of more modern witchcraft, new age magic and occultism. Just to be clear, my own type of ancestral Traditional Witchcraft is not the only type of Traditional Witchcraft - Traditions tend to be uniquely expressed through various folk lineages and/or practitioner collectives (with a shared egregore) down through time.

Fornekja, which means "old one," is an authentic traditional ancient Old World European (reaching back in time into the remote Messinian Age of prehistoric Europe when Graecopithecus freybergi roamed Europe), Northern Old Germanic, Scandinavian, Northwestern European Isles (especially the Orkneys and Western Isles) and Icelandic witchcraft. As described in the folklore of my ancestors, Fornekja is a natural type of witchcraft which partakes of a stream continuous consciousness and memory; this continuity of consciousness and memory are communicated to us in tradition as having "archaic roots in deep time". As tradition informs us, this condition confers operative spiritual power to the practitioner (and is passed down the ancestral bloodline). This type of ancient witchcraft is the inheritance of the Völva (a witch in the manner of old world ancestral tradition). Initiation as a witch into this particular kind of witchcraft, namely Fornekja, comes through one's Ancestral Folksoul, one's Ancestors, the Master Witches of one's People.

I am a witch in the particular tradition of witchcraft known as Fornekja, by ancestral birthright and through an authentic spiritual inheritance from my Ancestors. This spiritual inheritance flows through me through the organic ancestral 'River of Blood' eternally linking the generations of my People throughout time. Fornekja is a witchcraft of essential being and eternal soul craft transcending lifetimes. Fornekja develops and evolves consciousness, fuels mastery of the mind, and catalyzes psychosynthesis. It's broader goal is evolution of the Tribe, the Folk.

"It has to be faced up to that the Traditional Craft is elitist. It is for the few, not the many and always will be. In some ways this is self-generated or self-created because not everyone who is interested in witchcraft per se will be drawn to the traditional side. Many are quite happy with what the more popular and easily accessible forms of modern neo-pagan witchcraft have to offer.

On an esoteric level the spiritual concept of the ‘elven blood’ or ‘witch blood’ descended from the Old Gods or the Watchers is a central belief in most forms of traditional witchcraft. It is souls who return to the Craft through the process of incarnation into ‘coats of flesh’. In that way it is the ultimate form of elitism and exclusivity." [quote source - Traditional Witchcraft Historicity & Perpetuity]