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The Old Icelandic word which describes the traditional witchcraft bequeathed to me through my Old European Ancestral Folksoul, my Ancestors and the Master Witches of my People is Fornekja. Runologist and expert in Old Germanic and Old English languages Edred Thorsson translates the word fornekja as "old one." Here I deconstruct the word to see what other pieces of meaning arise, and if these meanings support Thorsson's translation.

Forn means ancient, the old ways, the ancient ones.

Fórn means an offering, a gift.

Ek is a personal pronoun, I.

Ja means yes, an affirmation, to assent to something, to agree to something.

Ekja means the act of carrying (something) in some type of vehicle (like in a cart, physical body, genetic material or consciousness).

Taken together, fornekja does mean "old one" - and more specifically, fornekja refers to an old one (an "I", a person) who has assented and agreed to carry the "old ways of the ancients ones" within the vehicle of the self, genetic material, body and consciousness - in reciprocal offering - the ancient ones of Living Tradition to me, and I of Living Tradition to the ancient ones.

Fornekja tells of an ancient bloodline contract that extends back into primordial deep time. Such a bloodline contract suggests to me that a witch in the tradition of Fornekja is more than a guardian of communal memory. A contract, especially a bloodline contract that extends back into ancient, olden times and continues through to this day, is a serious matter and deeply relevant to the healthy survival and evolution of the Tribe, Folk. How? I don't know.

Just for the record, as it is relevant to this page, I do have U5b maternal genetic motherline matches specifically in Iceland (see my Roots for Real results), as well as in the Isles of the North Atlantic, Scandinavia and most Celtic-Germanic areas of Northern and Northwestern Europe (see My Genetic Ancestry and Deep Ancestry).

Fornekja, Icelandic Ancestral Genetic Connections

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