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More information on my ancestral lineages which contributed DNA to my "active X-chromosome" (genetic material linked to genetic memory, memory and cognition) ...

My Franklin lineage and link to Benjamin Franklin ...

The ancestral surname Franklin also appears among my genetic cousin active-X-chromosome matches.

I am the 6th great grandniece of American founding father and statesman Benjamin Franklin through my mother's father's mother's line. This is the line of my relationship to Benjamin Franklin:

Cheryl Collins-Taylor (my mother)
Sydney Oscar Collins (my mother's father, my grandfather)
Agnes Yoda Franklin (Sydney's mother, my great grandmother through Sydney)
Johnathan Freeland Franklin (Agnes' father, my great great grandfather)
Charles D. Franklin (Johnathan's father, my gggreat grandfr)
David Franklin (Charles' father, my ggggreat grandfather)
Jonathan Franklin (David's father, my gggggreat grandfr)
John Franklin ([Benjamin Franklin's brother] Jonathan's father, my ggggggreat grandfr)
Josiah Franklin (John's (and Benjamin's) father, my gggggggreat grandfr)
Thomas Franklin (Josiah's father, my ggggggggreat grandfr)
Henry Franklin (Thomas' father, my gggggggggreat grandfr)

Benjamin and John Franklin were brothers, both sons of Josiah. My maternal line relationship to Benjamin Franklin comes down through Benjamin's brother John.