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Image Credit - 1865 Ludwig Pietsch

"First of all came Odin, accompanied by Frigg and the valkyries and his ravens. Frey came riding in his chariot drawn by the boar called Gullinbursti or Slidrugtanni. Heimdall rode his steed Gulltop, and Freyja drove her cats." (Gylfaginnning (52)

"Gylfaginnning (52) says that her (Freyja's) car was drawn by köttum ... If köttum is the original word, it is entirely possible that the SPECIES OF ANIMAL CHANGED AS THE LANGUAGE (and prehistoric age) CHANGED, using the (original) designation of a WILD ANIMAL for the newly domesticated housecat." [Source - Germanic Mythology]

As time progressed through the Stone Age into the age of metals, as the fauna of Pleistocene Europe changed (moving ever further into the Holocene), and as small cats became domesticated, it is very likely that the original "old world" symbol of Freyja was the wild European cave lion of "Old Europe" and only later became domestic cats after cave lions became extinct.